The Dragon Born Book 1: The Dragon's Tide

As Hunter slowly descended down towards the ocean floor, his blindfold slipped off. The water was murky gray and full of fish that circled him in confusion. His lungs started to burn and he remembered that he could breathe underwater.

Hunter Greenwood, age 15, was an adopted child. His mom sent him away to a crazy boarding school with a mad principal named Mr. D. On a field trip out to the Atlantic ocean where he found himself shoved out the porthole of the ship. He did not know what his life was about to become...

(be sure to read at least through the third chapter)


1. Chapter 1~The Interview of Misfortune



Hunter was sitting on the side of his pool with his feet casually swaying back and forth in the water. Hunter had long blond hair that fell just below his shoulders. He had blue eyes and a splash of freckles that ran over his nose.  He was adopted by the Greenwoods and they were nice enough to him. His real parents died in a plane crash on their way to visit relatives. While they were going Hunter was at his friend’s house. It was the worst day of his life and he keeps trying to move on...but for some reason he can't keep it out of his mind.

                 "Hunter! You're going to be late!" He heard a voice call behind him.

                 "But I don't want to go!" He yelled back as he silently and expertly slid into the water. He opened his eyes, and the chlorine didn't affect him at all because he was used to it. As he looked around, his eyes looked down to the clear blue emptiness of the pool. He thought he could just barely hear his mom calling him but he didn't care. His 'parents' were trying to send him somewhere he would really rather not go to, and he wasn't just going to sit around while his 'parents' try to send him somewhere again. As he was on his own, exploring the wonders and possibilities of his own mind, he could see two feet slide into the water. He slowly swam to the top of his 15ft pool (he had been under for almost 10 minutes now). When he surfaced he treaded water for a while just looking at his (adoptive) mom before he quietly swam to the side.

                 As he climbed out he said, "".

                She smiled slightly and repeated herself "you're going to be late".

                 He looked at her sincerely and said, "Do I really have to go? I don't want to go away...again".

                She gave him a look saying get in the car now. He sighed and climbed out of the pool. His mom handed him a towel and he slowly walked into the house.

                Five minutes later he was sitting in the back of his car driving to an interview that he totally didn't want to go to. The drive was quite boring. He spent most of the time looking out the window (except for part of the ride where his mom kept trying to get him to comb his exceptionally long hair).

                “For the last time would you leave my hair alone!"

                 She shut up after that and the ride was once again silent. When they finally pulled over two hours later at the Rockington Boarding School, Hunter sighed and waited before getting out of the car. His mom shuffled up to the front door and called back

                 "Come on Hunter we're going to be even more late!"

                 He rolled his eyes and reluctantly opened the door and walked into the school, completely ignoring his annoyed mother. When they walked into the building they were greeted by a man who looked a little annoyed. He was in a black suit with a sharp clean hair cut that made him almost look like an army general. When we walked in he was sitting on a bench looking at his watch. "Hi" Hunter’s mom said, "Sorry... I had some trouble getting Hunter out of the house."

                "You're late" The man said flatly, "At this school we don't tolerate such behavior." Mrs. Greenwood was looking down as the man said, "This way please" as he gestured towards an office. The man and Mrs. Greenwood walked into the office. Hunter remained outside considering whether or not he should bolt out of the school. His considerations ended when he was pulled into the large office. The office was extremely clean; it was full of filing cabinets that were in alphabetical order. He was assuming that these were the names of all of the students in the school and he was hoping that he wouldn't be one of… ever.

                Hunter and his mom took two chairs from the corner of the room and pushed them in front of the man's giant desk.    

                "I am principle Davidson" The man began, “You may call me Mr. D." As he spoke he stared right at Hunter as if he was looking through him. “At this school we try our best to teach discipline to all of our...students. This is a school for those who haven't learned the importance of proper education and the necessities of life. If your son Hunter was enrolled in this school he would have five classes a day each two hours long with a ten minute break period after his third class. The break period is the only time during the day when everyone has the chance to eat lunch. There are two other eating opportunities during the day. One is at 7:00am approximately twenty minutes before his first class. The next is at 7:00pm which is approximately twenty minutes after his fifth class." He then paused to see if either of them had anything to say. They didn't so he continued, " His classes consist of: English, Math, Science, World studies, and one choice of an elective. The electives are: Technology, band/orchestra, foreign languages, sports, and Art. Now, if you are still considering this school then we will start our tour in five minutes. Please use this time to talk among yourselves." With that the man left the office and walked deeper into the school. As they sat there, they were silent for a while before Mrs. Greenwood said, “Well I really want you to go and if the rest of the school is as wonderful as Mr. D says it is then you will go." Hunter then sent a sharp look towards his mother.

                "I will NEVER go to this school." He said looking straight at her. A soft but fierce growl was coming from his throat. His mom looked at him as if he was crazy and said

                "Are you...growling at me?" She asked completely stunned.

                "I don't know." He said just as shocked as she was. Just at that moment Mr. D walked into the room. What they didn't know was that the man was just in a closet in the back of the room the whole time. He had heard everything...including the unfortunate growling.

                "Well I guess we can start our tour now." Said Mr. D as he opened the door out of the office. Hunter and his mom followed Mr. D out of the office and into the hallway.

                When they got there Mr. D said, "I'm sorry Mrs. Greenwood, but from this point I must take Hunter alone."

                 Mrs. Greenwood looked kind of upset after that, but she said, "Well...ok but I really wanted to see the school." She looked down, but then she quickly walked out the door. Mr. D gestured towards the end of the hallway and Hunter cautiously walked with the strange man down the hallway and into a large room.

                "So", the man began. "Are you interested in going to Rockington?"

                "No" Hunter said flatly, "I will never go here ever....and you can't make me."

                "Now, now don't be so negative. There is always a chance for everything" He said as he turned on the lights in the room.

                "This is the lunch room. The cafeteria line starts there."  He said pointing towards a small room built into the wall. While the man was pointing things out in the room, Hunter was planning his escape. He figured he would just make a run for his mom's car. If it was unlocked he would get in, if it wasn't.....he would run into the woods behind the school. Even though Hunter was looking as if he was paying no attention to anything when he walked out the car door, he was really taking in all of his surroundings making sure he had an escape plan.

                Just as the man was wrapping up his tour of the lunch room, Hunter bolted out the door. The man was not at all surprised, he took out his walkie-talkie and he called security.

                Just as Hunter was about to make it out the front door he was tackled to the ground by some fat man wearing a jumpsuit. It was not a pretty sight. The man held Hunter's hands behind his back and he walked him farther into the school.

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