The Two Friends

These two friends named Nicole and Sydney are having a nice time intill someone breaks in the house. They hide but not for long. Then the come out and............


2. Someone's in the house!!

                           When Sydney and Nicole were going to sleep they heard a "CRASH!!". They thought that someone,or something, might have broken into the house. They tried to forget about it and sleep,but they heard the same sound again! They hid on the top shelf in a closet. It was fun, but it was dark and scary. They heard it getting closer.The thing was in the room! They thought they were safe,that is. Until a man opened the closet door! He had a gun,and a knife! Sydney jumped on him and he tried to hurt her but she got the gun. She said "LEAVE OR ELSE!". He laughed and he tried to stab her but Nicole was ready. When ever he went to stab Sydney,Nicole jumped on him and threw the knife in a box.          

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