That Boy

I was never a very popular girl, not that i was hated, just not noticed.My life was pretty bland, I didn't have any friends to spice it up. The past few months me andmy best friend drifted apart, since then I haven't been very social. I keep myself busy with drawings, nothing much worth seeing, but its always the same thing, this boy I keep dreaming about, hes so handsome. He just stands there in my dream though, speachless.


1. Get a Life

"Jillian!! Get your ass down here" my older sister called from downstairs "What do you what?! I'm busy!!" I angerly replied "Oh, Please, you have no life!"
She was right, all she wanted me to do is finish her homework for her, but that really hit me, I DON'T have a life. I should really start thinking about my future, or I never will have a life.
I might go into art, but my parents think it would be a waste of time,and like most parents, think I should become a laywer. Ya, 'cause that sounds like a heap-a fun. If i couldn't become an artist I would most likely become a Marine Biologist. I knew they had a great program in the U.K. Since I'm graduating in 6 months I figure I should look into that. My only concern was that I would miss out on a chance with this really great guy at my school. I think we're clicking so if I moved away there would be no chance for us. His name was Harry Styles, great personality, amazing hair. Even if he wasn't interested in me, I had to get to know him better.
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