One Touch, And I Was A Believer.

My name is Mia Davis. I'm 18 years old and I have a passion for dance. Right when I was going to only focus on dance, I met a boy. And not your adverage boy. A sweet, caring, special, loving, and talented boy. I was crazy for him. Everything he did, his smile, his hair, his world. Every time we see each other we can't keep our hands off one another. And no one can separate us. Even though plenty have tried. We are tied together. I've always felt I'm not good enough for him, but he always tells me I'm the perfect fit. But before I tell you his name, just promise you won't scream......his name is Niall Horan and yes the Irish, blonde, adorable Niall Horan from the band One Direction.


1. Ughhhhh!

My life just sucks sometimes. Someday I just want to go out and see the world. Or maybe even meet a new-- Ughhhhh! There they go again making out, as if they don't know there are other people here. That's Avery Scott and her boyfriend Grant Jefferson. I know the prettiest girl always gets the boy, but thats my boy. Or it was my boy, I wish he was my boy again. "MIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" my best friend Cassie sceamed in my ear. "What?" I said turning to face her green eyes burning into my blue ones. "Seriouly, the hell is wrong with you laterly?" she said while sitting down again adjusting her leo. "Can you keep a secret" "WELL OF COURSE I CAN YOU IDIOT...I'm your best friend" she said almost loud enough to get Avery and Grant to stop raping each others mouths. "Okay, so I think i'm going to try to get Grant back. You know, for old time sake.." "Are you fucking serious Mia. You know what he does to girls, what he did to you last year." she told me while face palming herself. "I know but its just I want a guy, you know how it is, every time I find a guy he's either taken or a dick head, or remember that time I had a thing for Conner." I said with a small chuckle becaue Conner was capital G gay. Still haunts me to this day. "Hahaha yeah....good times, but it's 3rd year, do you really want Grant or any guy for that matter. Like I told you before, I'm not going to get into a relationship this year. A small  promise I made to myself, just so I can focus on dance and some school work." She only said that because we go to a Dance Academy, in Australia. And we really don't do normal school work, dance classes mostly. Right now we're at the local coffee shop, where everyone goes after practice. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard a happy voice fill the tiny coffee shop "MIA MOO!!" Jeez, does he have to be so loud! Now everyone is looking at us. I almost forgot to tell you about my dance partner, Landon. He's not bad looking, truely, but i've known him forever and I guess--What am I taking about. I'm so desperate. "Aw come on Mia, you don't need a boyfriend, You have me" Landon said with a sarcastic look while handing me my hot chocolate. "Oh wow, thanks a lot, but you know what..." I said while putting down my cup and taking what I think, should be a long pause. "What" "I NEED A BOYFRIEND" I said right before I started banging my head on the table we are sitting at. "Stop that Mia" Cassie said smacking my head for me to sit up. "You look like a total spaz" Landon said and I retured his nice gesture with a look that said 'Wow love you too' "Hahahaha you know you love me" "Actually, I hate you, but I can't tell you that because your my dance partner, and I don't want you to drop me in my lift" I told Landon giving him a cheeky smile. "Well okay, I see how it is" Landon got up and very dramatically threw away his empty coffee cup. "Oh come on Landon" "WE LOVE YOU" "LET US LOVE YOU" the whole coffee shop looked at us like we shot someone. But hey, whatever floats their boats. Cassie and I started running to catch up with a very sad but secretly hysterical Landon. Cassie and I ran up to a still sad, walking Landon, and interlocked arms with him.

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