One Touch, And I Was A Believer.

My name is Mia Davis. I'm 18 years old and I have a passion for dance. Right when I was going to only focus on dance, I met a boy. And not your adverage boy. A sweet, caring, special, loving, and talented boy. I was crazy for him. Everything he did, his smile, his hair, his world. Every time we see each other we can't keep our hands off one another. And no one can separate us. Even though plenty have tried. We are tied together. I've always felt I'm not good enough for him, but he always tells me I'm the perfect fit. But before I tell you his name, just promise you won't scream......his name is Niall Horan and yes the Irish, blonde, adorable Niall Horan from the band One Direction.


7. Nialler's Thoughts

Niall's POV

I'm not entirely sure why I didn't tell Mia the truth last night.

'Why are you visiting Sydney?'

'Oh I'm here with my friends on a trip around the world' 

Why didn't I just tell her that I'm in a famous band, and that I'm on tour with my mates and I have a show tonight here. I guess I was just scared that she wouldn't treat me the same or forget about 'Niall' and treat me like 'Niall from One Direction'. I guess I just want a normal relationship outside of all this fame. I just want to have a normal life sometimes. It's not that I'm not appreciative of what I have, but I need an escape sometimes. I'm always surrounded by fans, and paparazzi. People that I'm unsure if they realize that I'm not a robot and that I am a real guy. I am so deep into my head right now its crazy.

Maybe I just need to tell her, get it off my chest. And if shes treats me as if I am NOT 'Niall' anymore, then I guess its not meant to be. But I'm just so confused and conflicted. I wonder if she knows and doesn't care, or if she is making up everything she is saying to me.

'She doesn't recognize me?'

I've never had anyone not want to treat me like a fame dog before. It's been years since I've had a normal relationship with a girl. Years. And the fact that here I might have found someone that truly cares for me, that's awesome. It feels like I'm 16 years old when I'm with her. No paps, no crazy fans. Just her and me. No one truly understands how difficult being famous is. Sure the fame and fortune, and all the fans are great. But it's not how I wanted to be. I still want to be me, even with all the fame. But fame comes with a price. And my price must be myself. 

All of this fame, is taking away the true me. And for the first time, in a long time I actually feel like me. 

When I'm with her.


I'm just walking on the beach with the boys, it's almost been a year since we've been to Sydney. And I forgot how relaxing it is to be here, kind of like your troubles go away. "Niall..?" Liam called making me do a 180 "Yep" I said looking at him. Playing with the sand under my toes. "You are acting so strange lately, whats the matter?" Liam asked me as he gestures for the rest of the boys and Paul to go ahead of us. I breathed in making my chest jump. "It's the fame, its getting to me again man." I said letting out a sigh. Liam's face changed, now he looked kind of....sad for me. "Niall, why do you let this shit get to you so much. Its like its eating away at you"

I know where he's getting at. I always know where conversations are heading, before they finish. "I know, I know just live like you're normal" I breathed out looking over the blue ocean. The tide was high, and it was like we were walking on the wall of the beach.

It was about 7 in the morning here, and it seemed as if no one was awake. The beach was completely empty. That's probably why Paul and Management let us come here before we headed to the arena for rehearsals.

And that's what bugs me so much. We have to hide from people, and it's so frustrating. You can't just go outside anymore. You need an escort. I had my hands in my sweatshirt pockets and just breathed in the beach air, calming my nerves.

"But man its getting at me, it's all I can think about this morning!" I said stopping, and looking at him with sad eyes. I started to then walk over to the fence of rocks, and sitting on it. "Liam, I just want a normal relationship for once" I said while Liam comes over and sits beside me on the fence. "Dude, I pretty much ruined my relationship with Dani. But what is this all about?"

I let out a deep breath, and replayed last night again in my head. 

"I met a girl yesterday..." I started and closed my eyes, fiddling around with my hands. "And that's where I was last night" I quickly spat out.

Liam smiled to himself, and stayed quiet "And she has no idea who I am, like no idea." Liam looked at me funny then chuckled a little "Why are you laughing at me!" I tried to be serious but completely failing. "Niall, are you reading so much into this" Liam chuckled while saying this. "I'm not it's just--" " think if you tell this girl that you are NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION that she will treat you differently" 'Bingo' I said to myself. "Yeah, I mean--" "Dude you know that if she finds out, and you don't tell her that it will be worse than you telling her now and letting it sink in, right?" I was taking in Liam's words, and I think I just realized that I completely over analyzed this whole situation. I started laughing at how ridiculous I was being.

"...And if she screams then, you know she isn't your type" I was now dying laughing and Liam joined me.


"So, Niall..." "So, Liam" We started to head back to the hotel so we can leave for the arena. "What's this girl's name?" Liam asked me and gave me a look. "Mia" I said with a smile, remembering how stunning she was. "Is she hot?" Liam asked walking backwards infront of me on the beach. "Well...!" Liam shouted making me chuckle. "Yeah, you can say that, but I prefer the term stunning." Liam stopped walking. And I stopped in my tracks and turned around. He was looking at me so weirdly. "Dude, you like this girl this much?" I smirked to myself. "Yeah"

That's when he was running down the beach back to the hotel screaming. "Niall's in loveeeee" "Nialler found a girl" I started running after him. Trying to tell him to shut the hell up and mind his own business. 

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