One Touch, And I Was A Believer.

My name is Mia Davis. I'm 18 years old and I have a passion for dance. Right when I was going to only focus on dance, I met a boy. And not your adverage boy. A sweet, caring, special, loving, and talented boy. I was crazy for him. Everything he did, his smile, his hair, his world. Every time we see each other we can't keep our hands off one another. And no one can separate us. Even though plenty have tried. We are tied together. I've always felt I'm not good enough for him, but he always tells me I'm the perfect fit. But before I tell you his name, just promise you won't scream......his name is Niall Horan and yes the Irish, blonde, adorable Niall Horan from the band One Direction.


2. Love At First Sight

"HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA" we were laughing so hard all the people we were passing were giving us dirty looks, I swear we aren't that weird. Why does everyone look at us like we are fucking dancing fish? "Mia! Landon! Let's go to the market!" I was still kinda daydreaming but whatever. "Mia..." "I swear to god shes losing it Lan" Now that was unnessisary. "HEY!" Both their heads popped my direction. "I'm perfectly fine" "Ha ha ha okay. Whatever you say Mia" I gave Landon the dirtiest look ever. "I am" "Okay." Jeez why is everybody so concerned about me. I can do things on my own, I will find a boyfriend on my own, and I will have a good time during break. Break isn't that long, only 2 weeks. But hey, thats all the time I need this winter break. I have to get a boyfriend. Please for the love of god find me a damn boyfri--"Ow" Oh great thanks Cas and Landon. "Oh my god I'm so sorry I didn't mean to--" "No it's really okay" wait what. I look up to see a blue eyed cutie, wow I mean seriously this is one sexual man, I mean.."Wow.." He let out a little chuckle. "Oh shit did I say that out loud" "Yeah love you did" "Oh, um" I just stood there frozen not able to move. Oh my god what is he doing why is he reaching for my hand, and is he writing his number? "Umm" "I just thought we could talk more at dinner" What the fuck....? Has it really been this easy to find a guy. "Dinner?" I furrowed my eyebrows together a little. "Well, I thought since I ran into you--" "I ran into you" "B-but go on" He laughed a little at my stupidity "As I was saying since we ran into each other..." I gave him a little nod and chuckled "I thought I could repay you, well repay each other, by going to dinner, say tomorrow?" He bent down to meet my eyes and I could see him hoping I'd say 'yes' "Well, first I would like to ask you one thing?" "Yesss" He said while holding out the 's' "What is your name, kind sir I just happened to bump into?" He laughed so hard. Was that really that funny? Am I funny? "I'm Niall" "And your's kind lady?" I chuckled a bit "Mia" "So Mia, what do you say. Dinner tomorrow?" "Yes" I said with no hesitation. He smiled and took my hand again. "What are you doing Niall?" I said laughing "Nothing just go back to your own bussiness" I was still laughing but my eyes widened with his cute little comment. "Well excuse me then" I said turning my head away, but then I saw Cassie and Landon looking at a small market store. "There" Niall said turning his head so he was facing me. "Here's your hand back" Niall said while handing me my hand "Now I can see why you bumbed into me" I shook my head and looked at him "Hey! I could hear you, you know?" Niall started to chuckle a little. "Niall" "Yes love?" Niall said looking into my eyes and stopped laughing. "Do you really think I'm funny, because I'm not that funny." This just made Niall lose it. He was laughing uncontrollably "So I take that as a yes, Mr. Niall?" "Haha yes Mrs. Mia, your the prettiest and funniest girl I've ever personally encountered" Oh damn making me blush. "Aww Thanks" I said with loving eyes" Seriously is this happening. "Well Mia" "Niall" He chuckled slightly. "I will text you tonight. I gotta get going thought" I laughed a little. Not sure why just an odd situation. Odd but lovely. "Okay. Deal, but if you forget I will find you and just casually bump into you again." "Haahahaaha" I looked up at Niall's blue eyes "You know you have the most adorable laugh" He blushed. Why the fuck did he just blush. He's so damn hot though. "Well, thankyou" He said proudly. "Hes's just so adorable" "Well, she's just so adorable also" really, Mia really. Mentally face palming myself. "Oh shit" Niall started giggling. "Seriously, I'm messed up Niall" "I know that" I gave him the 'Oh thanks' face. "But its what I like about you" Okay blushing once again. "You know just what to say to girls don't you?" "Well actually I've only had one real relationship" I furrowed my eyebrows a little "Lies" I said staring into Niall's eyes, then he chuckled a bit. "No I'm telling you the truth, I'm actually terrified to talk to girls." "Well you see to talk to me fine." "Ha ha ha very funny" "But anyways, I was only 16 when I was in that relationship." "How old are you now?" I said not really thinking about it. "19 and how about you?" "18" He gave me a cute little smile "Your smile is hypnotizing. You know that?" "I can say the same about yours" We both just smiled and blushed. We  looked at each other for what felt like forever. But the silence ended with someone tugging on Niall's arm. "Come on man, we said to meet us in the van" What is going on his friend is super hot too. Where have you boys been all this time. He had black hair, slightly dyed blonde in the front. Weird, but super sexy. And he was tall with small stubble acrossed his perfect cheek bones. And did I mention he was sexy? Yeah very sexy. "Mia, so I'll text you tonight?" "Yep sounds good" "Bye Mr. Niall" I said waving to Niall as the tan, model was pulling him away. "Bye Mia" Niall slightly yelled. "Seriously love at first sight" I said quietly to myself.

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