One Touch, And I Was A Believer.

My name is Mia Davis. I'm 18 years old and I have a passion for dance. Right when I was going to only focus on dance, I met a boy. And not your adverage boy. A sweet, caring, special, loving, and talented boy. I was crazy for him. Everything he did, his smile, his hair, his world. Every time we see each other we can't keep our hands off one another. And no one can separate us. Even though plenty have tried. We are tied together. I've always felt I'm not good enough for him, but he always tells me I'm the perfect fit. But before I tell you his name, just promise you won't scream......his name is Niall Horan and yes the Irish, blonde, adorable Niall Horan from the band One Direction.


8. Breakfast at the Academy

Mia's POV

I woke up and I rolled over to my side to check my clock, 12:48 p.m. "Ugh" I moaned to myself remembering that me and Landon have practice this morning. I laid in bed for a few more minutes until the clock read 12:54. I sat up blinking a few times just so I can see right and stretched my arms. I finally stood up and noticed that Cassie wasn't in our room. That's strange coming from the fact that Cassie is the only person I know that can sleep in until 2:00 p.m. "I wonder if.." I said shockingly but then laughing to myself "Never.." I shook my head and continued to laugh.


I sat down on my bed and took my phone out of the charger and waited for the screen to light up with messages. One message from Cas, one from Hallie, one from Landon, from Niall? I quickly unlocked my phone and read through the messages, starting with Niall.

Niall: Hey Mia I just wanna tell ya thanks for last night I had fun and I can't wait for dinner tonight... xx

It totally slipped my mind, dinner. The dinner that he, I mean we owe each other for running into one another. I giggled to myself. Niall is so adorable and charming, I swear he's crazy for even wanting to hangout with me. Then I reunlocked my phone and read Cassie's text.

Cas: M I'm staying in Landon and Finn's room tonight because I wanted to leave you and 'Lover Boy' alone for the night...just wanted to let you know that if you need protection it's in the side drawer under all the--

I stopped reading there, wondering what Cas thought me and Niall were going to do last night. She actually has a mind like no one else I know, and you can either love her or hate her. And I knew she stayed the night at the boy's room. I'm not at all surprised. I laughed a little about the text she sent me then started to open the text from Hallie...

Hallie: Way to book the studio when I need to use it. 

Whoa, okay. Forgot to tell you that Hallie is what you wanna call, self-indulged or even a bitch from time to time. I wonder what she will be like when classes pick up again after break. But she's really good and pretty much my strongest competition for one for the spots on the company team. Only 4 students, two boys and two girls out of 3rd year, get picked and as much as I love dance and have a lot of pride in how I dance, there is no way I have any chance of being picked to be in the company. All my friends are amazing and just the fact that I'm in the academy is crazy. I fell back on my bed and read the last text from Landon. Which pretty much just states that we should meet in the studio at 2:00. 


I got up and changed into my favorite compression shorts and a white tank that says 'I Love To Love'. Then I slid my legs into my mint legwarmers and slid on my flip flops. Before I left, I brushed my rats nest of a head and did my hair into a neat messy bun. I also put on some eyeliner and some lip gloss. I grabbed my pink ballet shoes and my iPod and phone and stuck them into my bag. I ran into the bathroom quick and brushed my teeth. I had one more good look at myself in the mirror and then jogged downstairs and into the kitchen.


"Goodmorning Mia" Blair Cliffore said to me while I hopped by her. "Morning Blair!" I rang happily back at her as I quickly opened the fridge and grabbed an apple and and water bottle. "Where ya going?" She asked sitting on the stool in the kitchen, eating her ramen noodles. I took a bite of my apple and replied with a mouth full "Just practice at the studio with Landon" I said flipping through the dance magazine on the counter. "Wish I had a partner that actually wants to practice!" She half yelled because her partner Jet was sitting on the couch right outside of the kitchen. I was giggling noticing the fight that she so just started between them. Blair and Jet have been partners since 1st year and that doesn't happen at all because no one ever has the same partner year after year. And having the same partner since 1st year and us being in 3rd is crazy and unheard of. "The fact that you are waiting for me to answer you Blair, is outstanding and not at all surprising coming from you" Jet slightly hollered from the couch. I was dying laughing and so was Blair. Jet is one of those guys that say the cheekiest things and is one of the dorkiest guys I know. "Blair, the reason we are on break is so we don't have to practice. That is why it is called 'break'" I couldn't take it anymore I had to leave before I got in the middle of this argument. Because Blair Cliffore might be small but she sure as hell is one of the most passionate dancers I know. I chuckled a bit before I looked at her "...Blair, I'll catch you later, okay?" I said picking up my bag and walking out the kitchen. "Mia, can you please tell me why the hell you're practicing on break?" Jet said looking away from the TV and at me. "I dunno" I said shrugging my shoulders and continued to walk towards the door. "Well, if you know why please tell me" I chuckled a bit. "If I remember Jet, then yes I would love to" I said quickly shutting the door and walked down the sidewalk to the studio.


Mia's outfit:

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