Deadpool +::1-Iceman:Frostbite

It is December and its about to get a bit chilly. Iceman needs help to defeat Pyro. But he is having trouble doing it on his own. He doesn't wan't to ask the X-Men for help, so his easiest options are, the crazy merc with a mouth, Deadpool! But Deadpool doesn't help without a price! Iceman has offered him One and a Half Thousand Dollars, will he accept?

It has swearing, but i kept it on "[Green]-no mature content" so anyone can read it!


3. The Plot

       December 10th 2012.

"Wheres my money?" Deadpool asked with curiosity, that Iceman didn't have the money. 

"You'll get it in due time Deadpool. Right nowwe are GOING to discuss what were going to do!"

"Hes lying were smarter than this!"

"Yeah were better than this. Say that you'll have the money know or the offer does NOT go on!"

"Okay, But if you don't give me the money then ill kill you!"

"Or that."

                After three and a half hours of what they are going to do. They finnaly came up with a plan that could relate to both of them...

Hack, Slash, and FREEZE!

The idea was, Deadpool had to distract Pyro whilst Iceman sneaks up on him and freezes him with all that hes got-Which is ALLOT- whilst hes stuck and helpless. Deadpool, simply, cuts, his, head, OF!!

"Yer know thinking of it now, i dont think this is the greatest idea a two superheroes could think of" Iceman stated, because he was worried that he would be banned from the xmen.

"Dont worry, just tell them that you froze him, and left to get help then i went against the plan and killed him?"

"NO! I cant lie to my fellow Xmen!" Billy exlaimed, "Lets just, do the plan but only damage him enough to hurt him so he cant retalliate."

"Dont do it, thats not how we roll!"

"Do it, But double the payment!"

"FINE! Ill do it but you have to bay me double you offered in the first place!"

"I don't have three thousand dollars, WADE!"

"I'm scared is any one else scared, hes Ice-man, he could give us frostbite!"

"NO, he has ice we have money, girls, weapons, and we could get any villain to get him, even Pyro!"

"No, I'm not that crazy!"

"Umm, who are you talking to?"Asked Iceman

"W-What oh yeah, know one."

"How about i give you two and a half thousand?"

"Yer know what, you can give me, ten hundred thousand dollars." He said with a  bit to much of a really creepy smile.

"Oh yeah! That's great!"

"We are great, persuasion people! We should join the business!"

"Two thousand five hundred dollars, my last offer!"

"UGH! Fine, but as long as i get to stabby stab stab, and bangy bang bang. Oh and you have to give in a good word to strom."


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