Deadpool +::1-Iceman:Frostbite

It is December and its about to get a bit chilly. Iceman needs help to defeat Pyro. But he is having trouble doing it on his own. He doesn't wan't to ask the X-Men for help, so his easiest options are, the crazy merc with a mouth, Deadpool! But Deadpool doesn't help without a price! Iceman has offered him One and a Half Thousand Dollars, will he accept?

It has swearing, but i kept it on "[Green]-no mature content" so anyone can read it!


2. Iceman

                                  Later, in town square.

"Pyro! This is the last time you confront me! You will die. No matter the cost.

Iceman, cupped and the ice building up. He moved his arms over is shoulder and... 3, 2, 1...

   Each one he threw, missed pyro!

"My turn!" Pyro shouted.

He raised his two hands and threw. One big ball of fire just a bit smaller than a meteor. Headed straight to Iceman. In shock he stood there standing on the spot. BANG!

The force of the fire knocked Iceman back at least 40 feet.

"HNN." Iceman struggled to stand up, "Get back here, Pyro! I'm not done with you!"

Pyro turned around to see Iceman floating in the air. He was surrounded by a big pool of water.

"Here's a science lesson for you. When ice meets fire, the ice melts. But..."

He raised his arms, and pushed them forward.

The whole ball of water hit Pyro. Sending him down on the floor. The fire that was on Pyro had been distinguished.

"...When water meets fire. The fire is defeated!"

Pyro ran away. Screaming,

"I will be back. Next time ill be more powerfull. Be prepared Iceman !"

"Oh ill be prepared alright. Next time ill bring a friend!" Iceman whispered to himself.

Later in Xaviers School for gifted humans.

"Bob you need to get some rest." Storm advised Iceman.

"I'm fine storm, just leave me alone!"

Iceman went up to his room. The door opened, it was Logan. He entered the room and began with a sigh.

"Whats troubling you, pal. Don't tell me to go away. Talk to me."

"Its, its Pyro. I was fighting him. An well it seems since i last fought with him, he seems to have gotten, well stronger!"Iceman Explained.

"So he beat you?" 

"Oh hell no! But hes coming back, and well, I don't think i'm ready for that."

"Well, just remember. Your an X-Men! An we X-men got each overs back!"

"Yeah, thanks Logan, appreciate it." He said with a smile.

          10 Hours later...


"Hello? Deadpool here.

"Yeah. Deadpool it's me iceman, listen I've got one and a half thousand dollars here in a bag."

"Go on." Deadpool rushed with slight excitement in his voice.

 "I need your help. See, my sworn enemy Pyro has threatened to come back for round two, and I know you can't die so. Help me? Just a pre warning though it may get very hot, or chilly depends who begins!"Iceman explained

"Don't do it its fire!"

"Yeah we don't bode well with fire!"

"I'll do it!" He shouted without hesitation, completely ignoring the "other guys".

"Great, lets meet in the very back of the school."


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