Deadpool +::1-Iceman:Frostbite

It is December and its about to get a bit chilly. Iceman needs help to defeat Pyro. But he is having trouble doing it on his own. He doesn't wan't to ask the X-Men for help, so his easiest options are, the crazy merc with a mouth, Deadpool! But Deadpool doesn't help without a price! Iceman has offered him One and a Half Thousand Dollars, will he accept?

It has swearing, but i kept it on "[Green]-no mature content" so anyone can read it!


5. Fighting fire with ice!

     "AHHHH! Get away from me you freak!"

"Hey I was hungry! The bird had it coming to him, he stared at me funny!"

"Wade! I thought we agreed." Iceman screamed.

"Hey that was about Pyro, not a @!/# bird--"


"Anyway i was double dared, when your double dared you have to do it!" Deadpool continued.

     They carried on arguing for a while until...

"Iceman!" Shouted Pyro, "I wasn't finished with you!"

"Finally, Gees! You know you shouldn't arrive late on a first date!" Deadpool, screamed.

"Wade, shut up!"

Then straight out of know were, a fire ball hit, deadpool.

Deadpool got right up, "Mother@*\?, Thats it *@?% the plan hes dead"

Deadpool ran at Pyro, with his two swords in both hands.

"Deadpool! No!" Iceman demanded, "We go bye the plan!"

Iceman raised his hands, a stream of ice came out and stuck Deadpools feet to the ground!

"God dammit! Let me go its cold, and i cant hear the voices anymore, or hear them!"

"What?!?!" Pyro asked with frustration, he had never saw anyone as crazy as Wade in his life.

"Uh- Hmm nothing! I mean--nothing. Umm yellow box? White box? Dammit, now im bored!"

Iceman lifted his hands and formed an ice ball-the size of a baseball in both hands, he threw both rapidly at Pyro, reproducing them each time. Pyro did the same thing, only this time he hit iceman even harder, with fire.

"Yo, Pyro!" Deadpool screamed, "Come at me! Please i'm begging you i wanna fight! Oh and the readers want some action of me!"

Iceman and Pyro both looked at Wade, then took glances at eachover. Pyro raised his eyebrows and Iceman nodded. The both raised there hands, each making fire and ice.

"Hey if your thinking of getting me you should think again! I have a lawyer... I think?"

They pushed there hands forward, the fire hit first, breaking Deadpool out of the ice that Iceman trapped him in. Then Iceman quickly turned around, and the ice hit Pyro. The fire that was keeping Pyro floating, suddenly went out and Pyro hit the ground.


"Finally, Now can i kill him, Pretty Pweas!" Deadpool pleaded to iceman. 

Without waiting for an answer Deadpool ran at Iceman with swords in both hands. He raised them both in the air...


"I'm sorry Wade but i cannot let you do that!"

Deadpool was on the floor, With 74 wots of electricity going trough him. Blood splurting out of his mouth. It was Nick Fury.

"Get Pyro! Your under arrest!"

More than fifty shield agents came out. And placed Deadpool in cuffs and Pyro also in cuffs. With Deadpool having all that electricity traveled through him, He was knocked out. He woke up in a large room, with the staple colors of silver, it was made of all metal, but the room that Wade was sealed in, had a glass cover so he, and whoever needed to, could see through it. Then, a person that Deadpool had saw before walked past.

"Pyro! What the hell are you doing here!?!?" 

"Me? This place is for crazy people. So thats why we are both here." He sarcastically replied.

"Oh well... Just one thing, you never told me who had what Iwanted, Who has it?"

"The spider has it..."

"Dammit Spiderman?!?!"

"No not him, the other spider... Scarlet Spider!"




If you enjoyed this story, please leave me some feed back. Also if your confused on why it is so short(LOL) its because that's how i planed these story's to be. If you want to check a good long(ish) story check out CyclopsEye, hes my friend and he has a series going on called eye of a boy. I don't know much about it but it sounds good. Oh and if you have read all the book before this chapter i recommend reading chapter four again, i changed it  around. Stay clear for the next story and bye!


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