Deadpool +::1-Iceman:Frostbite

It is December and its about to get a bit chilly. Iceman needs help to defeat Pyro. But he is having trouble doing it on his own. He doesn't wan't to ask the X-Men for help, so his easiest options are, the crazy merc with a mouth, Deadpool! But Deadpool doesn't help without a price! Iceman has offered him One and a Half Thousand Dollars, will he accept?

It has swearing, but i kept it on "[Green]-no mature content" so anyone can read it!


1. Deadpool's Dead December!

Christmas is a great holiday for everyone. Children struggle to sleep with the excitement of the thought that Santa Clause is coming soon. Even the more... unique children were waiting in anticipation.. The Avengers mansion was decorated. Charles Xavier's School for gifted children was full of excited young heroes. Every one was happy. But one person, wasn't excited. To Wade Wilson, Christmas day was another normal day. Well... not entirely normal, there was no villains, but the most annoying thing was, he was, ALONE! Normally every day- especially Christmas because they would be dressed as Mrs.Clause- he would be with a girl resting upon his arms. But this time he was on his own. So instead he decided to phone Spider-Man but he was to busy doing Peter Parker stuff, Wolverine was hanging out with the X-men, and Thor was with his family in Asgard (Or Broxton - however you like to put it?). He decided to go around the city looking for trouble, but it seemed like even the villains had someone to be with or at least something.                                                                                                                                      

         "Its the most boringest time of the year" Deadpool sang to himself, "Lonely, on Christmas GREAT! It is, sorta' my fault, buuut you'd think that I would have someone to be with. 

"Hey Dude your forgetting about us!"


"You are me, remember! Anyway your not even real people - your just in my head! Not like you can make a Christmas dinner or give me a bunch of presents."

"HA HA! Yo Deadpool? Why you on yer' own? All the other heroes don't wan't you? Not surprised you are pretty CRAP! Hey! Don't walk away from us! Front me like a man. If you are a man! Take your  mask of." shouted a boy, bravely, trying to impress his mates!

"HA HA HA HA HA!" they all cheered.

Deadpool jumped of the top of the ledge that the boys were standing underneath.

"Didn't your mom(please note i'm English!) ever teach you not to talk to strangers." he said with a slight grin to scare them of, "Also, shut the @?!$ up! An' I thought I talked a lot!"

"D-D-Dude, i'm joking. P-Please don't hurt me. I'm sorry." The boy pleaded.

"Well, I'll give you ten seconds to run. Or...He paused,"BOO!"

"Ahhh! Lets get out of here!"



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