Gotta be you

Hi, i'm Ally. I'm 18 years old and i lived in New York for about 3 years now. I lived with my foster family since my dad left me when 6. I've been changing school every month but now i'm home schooled. All my foster parents make me do is clean, clean, and clean. If i refuse to clean the would hit me. I finally ran away from that rat cage and I was lost. Then .... i saw him .


5. Suprise

Zayn's P.o.V.

We were all laughing at the joke Niall made, when I saw Harry trying to sneak away. I went to ask him what he was doing. I saw him go into his room. I was about to go in but, I heard a scream. I looked through the tiny crack he left open and saw this beautiful french girl with long wavy brunette colored hair. It was tucked behind her ears. Her eyes were blood shock red but the sky blue eye color kept them gorgeous. There was tear stains on her face as new ones came down. I just wanted to hold her in my arms. Harry was talking to her but I couldn't hear a word they were saying. They started looking into each others eyes and I felt a little jealous, I didn't know why though. I could tell that Harry really liked her. Wait..... Was that the girl from the street? Why didn't he tell us he brought her in? Why was she crying in the first place? .. So many questions were running through my mind. I looked back through the hole and saw them hugging. My fist clenched up super tight. What's happening? I can't get jealous, no, I have my own beautiful girlfriend, Perrie, and I love her so much. I looked one more time and saw the girl asleep in Harrys arms. He put he down and came to the door. I ran back to the living area, luckily he didn't see me.

Liam's P.o.V.

Me, Louis, and Nialler were talking about Niall was dragging me everywhere. We were laughing throughout the whole conversation until.. *STOMPING* We see Zayn run in and took a seat between Louis and Niall. He gave us a fake smile then started breathing heavily and fast.

"What happened mate?" I asked him.

"Nothing, just getting some exercise!" He said while gasping for air. Something was up, I could tell.. I think all of us could tell. But what was it?

Zayn's P.o.V.

"What happened mate?" Liam asked looking concerned and confused. I knew I couldn't tell him. Wait did they already know about her? Did Harry not want to tell me? Was he mad at me?

Finally I responded "Nothing just getting some exercise!" Still trying to gasp for air. I hate lying to them, and they know when I'm lying cause i'm not that good at it. But they deserve the truth...... Not from me though, Harry.

Harry's P.o.V.

When she feel asleep in my arms, I didn't want to let go. I wanted her to know i'm here for her. But I have to go tell the boys she's here. I put her down again, and covered her with the blankets. I was going towards the door, then I heard stomping, I figured it was just the boys messing around so I didn't worry about it a lot. As I was going down the hall, I felt my stomach drop. What if one of them likes her, and if she liked him back? What if they didn't even like her? What am I talking about of course they will, won't they? Well, I guess I just have to wait and see. I walked into the living area and saw Zayn breathing like he just ran a mile, Niall getting him a cup of water, and Liam and Louis talking to each other. Zayn gave me the "go away" face. Did he know? How could of he knew? I sat next to Liam and then Louis and Liam stopped talking. I felt so awkward. I felt as if they knew already so I just spited it out. 

"Guys.... We have a guest." 

The room became silent. Everyone stared at me with confusion. Except Zayn, he was just holding his cup and not making eye contact with me. 

"Well, what's his name?" Louis asked.

"It's a she." Zayn said looking me straight in the eyes. What just happened? How did he know? Is he mad at me? 

"H...How did you know?" I asked really confused.

He got up and said "I'm not stupid." Then walked off to his room with Liam following him close behind. Why did this have to happen? Louis and Niall just trying to get caught up with everything. I put my head in my hands, I felt tears rolling down. I knew things were going to be bad.


Hey guys sorry I didnt update before. And sorry it wasnt that long I was writing a Zayns p.o.v. then it all deleted on me so i'll try to get it up later. but Merry Christmas Eve ! and for some Merry Christmas! for all who celebrate and if you dont then Happy Holidays <3


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