Gotta be you

Hi, i'm Ally. I'm 18 years old and i lived in New York for about 3 years now. I lived with my foster family since my dad left me when 6. I've been changing school every month but now i'm home schooled. All my foster parents make me do is clean, clean, and clean. If i refuse to clean the would hit me. I finally ran away from that rat cage and I was lost. Then .... i saw him .


2. Running & escaping.

Alison's P.o.V.

Today is Friday, finally the day I was dreaming for. Around 1 o'clock I started packing and getting ready for the change of my life. I had to fit as much stuff as I could into my backpack. I only could fit 3 shirts and 2 jeans, but it's okay I can buy more. I also packed a brush, toothbrush, my cell phone charger, and of course iphone. I started going down stairs to get my uniform when I heard Steve, my foster dad, yelling at someone through the phone, so I tried sneaked back up. I turned around as quickly as I could, went up one stair, then I heard him yell for me.


"Coming!" I yelled back as sweet as I could.

I knew something was going to be "my fault". As I went into the kitchen room I saw him get a knife. He was going to cut me, for something I didn't even do. I hated Steve. I sat down at the table and I could feel my legs shaking.

"Yes, Steve?" I asked him giving him a little attitude but not to much.

"Don't give me that sas young lady. Anyways I called you to ask why haven't you payed the water bill yet?" He said while holding the knife behind his back.

"I'm sorry, but, I haven't made enough money to pay it off." I whisper while looking down.

He gets the knife from behind his back, puts it on one of my legs, while cutting my jeans then gently cutting into my skin and says "Pay it by tomorrow." He takes the knife off my leg and wipes my blood off the knife and puts it down. Smiling the whole time.

"Yes, sir. May you please drop me off at work when I get finished changing?" I say with tears in my eyes, holding my arm with pain.

"1 minute hurry, Ali."

I run off back upstairs into my room, getting a bandage for the cut. I change in less the 20 seconds, I put my black vans on, grab my stuff, my money, and I was out the door, noticing Steve was waiting in the car already. I jumped in and put my seat belt on as he drove away. The car ride there was silent the whole time. When we got there about 15 minutes later, I got out the car and made my way into Wendy's. I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and make sure the tear stains weren't noticeable. I looked at my watch and mumbled less than 2 hours, i'll be free, forever. I smiled at myself, and started working. About 2 1/2 hours later I told my boss I was going for a 15 minute break and made me way out the door. I made sure before I left I had everything I needed, I was set to go. I walked until Wendy's was blurry. Then I dashed! I ran into an abandoned factory and hid there for about 10 minutes because every hour Steve would pass by my job to make sure I was working hard. I glanced out the window and saw his car drive by. I let out a little noise. It was a scream/relief noise. "Where will I stay?" I asked myself getting a little teary.

Steve's P.o.V.

"I have to go check on that little slut again." I mumble to myself, as I got the keys off the rack and went to the car. I tried starting it... It didn't work. "FUCK!" I yelled. I angrily push the key in, and finally it worked. Then I was off. When I got to Wendy's I went inside, when I saw a girl with red-ish shoulder length hair at the station where Alison was suppose to be. I laughed a little at how ridiculous she looked but then realized Ali wasn't here. So, I told that ugly red head to get the manger. When the manger came I asked her "Where's my slut of a daughter?"

"Excuse me?" She asked confused

"You heard me! Now where is Alison!?"

"She went for a break about 15 minutes ago, she'll be back any minute. You are welcomed to stay and wait for her." She said nicely. 

I went to go sit down. After 5 minutes the boss came and said wait another 2. So, I waited, after 25 minutes I was pissed! I called her but she didn't answer. I thought to my self, if she ran away she's dead. I left Wendy's in search for her. NOTHING, I couldn't find ANYTHING! Just watch when I find her she's going be sorry she left.

Alison's P.o.V 

"Oh my god I did it! I finally escaped from that cage!" I yelled rejoice full with tears of happiness came down my face. I sneaked out the factory just keeping aware he could still find me. I could feel my legs shaking so much! I thought it was because I was just nervous but also because it was freezing outside! The one thing I forgot was my jacket! Damn it. I couldn't go back, he will find me and try to kill me! I guess I have to troop through it. Where will I go? I have nowhere to go. That was my only "home". I decided to go to the closest wal-mart that stayed open for 24 hours. It was about 30 minutes of walking to get there. But I had to! It was just to cold outside. When I got there I felt my legs felt frozen! I went towards the bed  section and laid down and knocked out. 

**5 hours later**

"excuse me, but if you don't buy anything you have to get out." I heard while my eyes started to open. I see this very tall lady with a suit on.

"huh? oh im sorry. I was just tire-" She cutted me off.

"Are you gonna buy something?" She asked rudely.

"I don't wanna waste my money yet." If that made since to her I thought.

"Get out now!" She yelled.

"Okay" I said getting out the bed, with tears running down my face. When I walked out the door I dropped on it the hard cold concrete floor and couldn't feel anything. I tried yelling but nothing seem to come out. Then everything became pitch black...



Hey guys, I hope you guys like it so far. (: I'm trying my best to keep it live and exciting! If you have any advice for me Kik me : Chloeethoo. Thank you ! I'll mostly like update tomorrow ! But if I don't im soo sorry I have alot of things to do with Christmas coming up, and school, and I do dance soo BUSY ! Anyways bye

-Chloe !(p.s. please recommanded to friend it would make my day ! Thanks !!)

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