Gotta be you

Hi, i'm Ally. I'm 18 years old and i lived in New York for about 3 years now. I lived with my foster family since my dad left me when 6. I've been changing school every month but now i'm home schooled. All my foster parents make me do is clean, clean, and clean. If i refuse to clean the would hit me. I finally ran away from that rat cage and I was lost. Then .... i saw him .


1. Intro.

  Hi, my name is Ally. I have long wavy brown hair with blue eyes. And this is my life. When I was 4, my mom passed away, and it was only me and my dad after that. Everyday he would always say how much he hates me and how I was a mistake and how it was my fault my mom died. Every time he says that I have a flash back. One day, my mom was picking me up from school, I was waiting outside with one of my teachers, Ms. Goode, when I saw my moms red mini van pull in. I  was jumping up and down, I turned around to grab my bag. When I turned back I saw my mom walking towards us with a smile on her face. Right before she got on the crosswalk she looked both ways and it was clear so she started walking. I was now jumping all over the place with a smile from cheek to cheek. Then, as she was about to step on the sidewalk, a white truck comes speeding towards her. My face grew sad as I watched my mom's face become frightened. My teacher tried putting her hand in front of my eyes but I pushed them away. And once I did I saw my mom laying on the floor with a huge puddle of blood. I saw the white truck drive away even faster. I dropped on the ground, crying my eyes out. I couldn't believe I just saw my mom get ran over. Ms. Goode called an ambulance and told me everything was going to be okay. She lied. Later, Ms. Goode called my dad and she told him everything. But he seemed perfectly fine. When he picked me up he saw I was crying so he slapped me and told me to shut up or i'm going to end up like my mom. After that, he would always beat me and blame everything on me. When I was 6, he tied me in my room and lit the whole house on fire. After about 20 minutes of watching all  my photos of my mom burn to the last piece. Right when my foot started to burn, a group of firemen came and saved me. They tried calling my dad but I begged them not too. I have told them everything. They thought it was just my imagination. So when my dad came, he drove off to an orphanage then kicked me out. But at the time I didn't know it was an orphanage. I went up to the door and bursted out in tears. Then I heard a door open so I turned around, and that's when I meet my foster parents. They looked so nice then, but now, not so much. Now, that i'm 18 my foster dad makes my do everything. Mostly clean, and the house is always a mess. I have a job but only go on the weekends, also my foster dad picks me up everyday and drops me off because he doesn't want me to run off but this weekend, i'm going to do it. I've saved at least $100 and i'm ready..

** AUTHORS NOTE ** please dont give me any hate. This is my first movella on my own! I'll try to update every day ! Also i'm working on one with my friends so ill give you the link to that later ! Byee 

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