Gotta be you

Hi, i'm Ally. I'm 18 years old and i lived in New York for about 3 years now. I lived with my foster family since my dad left me when 6. I've been changing school every month but now i'm home schooled. All my foster parents make me do is clean, clean, and clean. If i refuse to clean the would hit me. I finally ran away from that rat cage and I was lost. Then .... i saw him .


6. I'm sorry.

Harry's P.o.V.

Did that really just happen? Did I just lose one of my best mates? So many things going through my mind right now, i dont know how i'm suppose to react to this. I think I am going to go in Wal-Mart and just look around and get my mind off it. As I was walking out the door...

"Oh now your just gonna leave us with her?" It was Zayn .. I stayed quiet for a minute ,or at least it felt that long, then said..

"Listen, Zayn i'm sorry I didn't tell you about her at first because I thought you wouldn't like her or maybe you would but not as a friend and try to steal her away from me. I mean, I don't know yet if anything will happen between me and her but who knows right?" I smiled alittle, just thinking of her gives me butterflies, then continued. "But i'm sorry I kept this a secret . I just thought it was the best for her. I can tell she's been through alot and just needs someone there for her." 

"Harry, you're one of my best mates i would never try to steal a girl you like from you, it would just be wrong. I'm sorry, I might have exaggerated a little, but no matter what, you will always be my best friend."

When Zayn said that I felt as if 1,000 pounds of guilt got off my shoulders. I went in for a hug and he did the same. Then the rest of the boys came in and yelled " GROUP HUG!" I'm glad everything is good, and hope everything stays the same.

Zayn's P.o.V. 


After hearing what Harry said, I wanted to process it ,but knowing how I am, I just said..

"Harry, you're one of my best mates i would never try to steal a girl you like from you, it would just be wrong." As i said those words millions of things crossed my mind. I was choking inside. I knew it would be hard for me to resist falling for Ally she was beautiful in every way at least from what i saw. Yet something inside said it was the right thing to say, maybe time will change things. But how much time will it take? What will happen during that time with me and Perrie? Now all I need is a hug ... the only person here right now is Harry, so might as well.... next thing i know "GROUP HUG" I really hope nothing will break the bond we have with each other. Then someone let go,

"Well are you gonna introduce us?" Nialls voice came out. we all chuckled a little

"Yes, follow me." Harry said with a smile on his face.

Ally's P.o.V.


"GROUP HUG!" I shot straight up. I was confused on who said that. I thought only Harry was here? I got up and walked towards the door. before I could touch it Harry came in with 4 others good looking boys in back of him, all of them trying to peek their head in the door. 

"Oh good, you're awake. I was going to introduce you to the boys but i wanted to make sure you were awake." His british accent making me smile. "Do you want to get dressed first? Wanna take shower? do you want to eat?" He keep asking me a bunch of questions but I interrupted 

"Thanks Harry, um yea can I take a shower and change then we could get some food and talk with everyone then?" I smiled and looked over at the boys.

"Sure, do you guys want that?" Harry looked over his shoulder and all the boys said "yes!" I chuckled a little on how excited they were. Harry turned back and looked back at me. I'll be right back with a couple of shower stuff then show you where it is. Sound like a plan?"


"Yes." I smiled at him when he and the boys left. 

I went into my bag to get my clothes out. I grabbed my toothbrush, hair brush, my bra, a black shirt with a big kiss on it, and a pair of skinny jeans. I waited about one minute until Harry came in and said




"Yup" I smiled and left my stuff on the bed except for my toothbrush.

I followed Harry down a little hallway, remembering that their on a bus, and two doors down was the bathroom. He opened the door and said "Here you go, I already turned on the water but if you need it warmer just call me." 

"Thank you." He nodded and with that he closed the door. I went over and locked it. I noticed I was biting my lip. I have to admit Harry wasn't like most boys, and I liked that. I took off all my clothes and hoped in. I let out a scream 

"AH!" Harry banged on the door a thousand times yelling "ALLY ARE YOU OKAY? LET ME IN!" 


I got out the shower, grabbed the towel, and unlocked the door feeling stupid as ever. My head was hanging low when Harry grabbed my shoulders and say "Are you okay?! Did you get hurt?!" 

"Thank you Harry, im fine. The water was just really cold." I kind of whispered while still looking done. He lifed my chin and laughed.

"You know that's not what I meant when I said call for me." We both laughed, then looked straight into each others eyes, it seemed like nothing could do anything to break this moment. Then he said "Well, you want to get in that shower right?" We both laughed again "Yes." I responded. Then he went near the shower.

"Come here and tell me when its good." I made my way over, noticing that there barely enough room for both of us to fit. But I didn't say anything, I just squeezed in between him and the shower. His body was against my body. I felt the water and it was good so I turned around to tell him. All I could manger to say was "Tha..." When he kissed me, he's lips were so soft. I never wanted it to end. I didn't pull away and he didnt pull away and everything was perfect. After about a good two minutes we stopped. 

"Harry ... "

"Yes?" He said with a smile on his face.

"The waters good." I smiled and pushed him out. For the whole time I was in the shower all I could of think of was that kiss. I was biting my lip again, but this time I didnt care. That kiss was perfect. When I got out the shower, I put my towel on and went into the room I was in. I closed the door and took off the towel. Then, suddenly the door flings open! 

Who was at the door? was it Harry wanting more? Was it Zayn that wanted some? Was it her evil foster dad? Hmm..... Better keeping checking till I update again! So like and Favorite this c: plus with the zayn part i had help from my friend thairis_29 go read her movellas they are really good ! Anways im so sorry its been so long since I updated but , *Drum roll* I have more free time now! So ill do this when ever I can :D I hope you guys like it so far and keep reading . Comment what you think it so far.. and who it could be ! I might put your idea in the movella ! And a free shoutout if you win :D

-Chloe <3


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