Gotta be you

Hi, i'm Ally. I'm 18 years old and i lived in New York for about 3 years now. I lived with my foster family since my dad left me when 6. I've been changing school every month but now i'm home schooled. All my foster parents make me do is clean, clean, and clean. If i refuse to clean the would hit me. I finally ran away from that rat cage and I was lost. Then .... i saw him .


3. Finding the One

Harry's P.o.V.

"We still have an hour till we get to Madison square garden, and i'm starving!" Niall yell from the top of his lungs.

"It's true mates, I'm getting kinda hungry." Zayn added to what he was saying.

"We don't have any more food on the bus since NIALL AT ALL THE FOOD!" I burst out laughing, while Louis chuckled. He stayed silent and embarrassed cause he actually did eat all the food. 

"Don't make fun of Niall, Harry, he really likes food! It's okay Niall, we'll make a stop at Wal-Mart to make sure we're set." 

"Thank you LIAM!" He said while looking at me angrily, sticking his tongue out at me.

As soon as we get there Niall runs inside pulling Liam with him. Me, Zayn, and Louis stayed inside the bus for 5 minutes, then decided to see how they were doing. We were going to go through the front when we noticed a bunch fans, we didn't want to deal with them even though we love them, so we went through the back. When we started walking towards the back, when I notice a girl around my age laying on the ground. Her hair was covering her face but I could tell she was beautiful. I stopped to help her when I hear Zayn yell "HARRY NO!" and he ran as fast as he could. I asked him why, he just said he didn't want me to get to get hurt. I ignored him and went to shake her. She was freezing, I take off my jacket, put on top of her. I scrunch down, moved her hair out of her face, I made sure she was still breathing. She was. Thank God. I kissed her cold soft cheek gently. She started to open her eyes slower. When the were fully open she let out a little scream when she saw me. She tried move but for some reason she couldn't. Then she started crying, all I could say was "It's okay I won't hurt you.. I'll help you." Then give her a smile, stood up and put my hand out to help her up. At first she was just staring, then she took my hand. Her hand was cold like snow but as soft as a baby's butt. 

Ally's P.o.V.

When I woke up, I felt something very soft and gently on my cheek. I noticed I was still outside of Wal-Mart, with my face still on the freezing sidewalk. I felt a bit of warmth on my back, the was a jacket on it but whose? Then I opened my eyes all the way and saw this boy around 18. I accidentally let out a scream, it just slipped. I tried getting up but it was like I was stuck. The boy had very curly hair, beautiful green eyes, but he had no jacket. Then I remembered the one on me. It must of been his. He stood up and said something put I couldn't make out the words exactly. But I did hear him say won't hurt you and help you. He put his hand out and was smiling at me. I stared at him noticing how handsome he was. Then, I snapped back to reality and grabbing his hand. He pulled me up with his strong arms, he chuckled and said "Hi, i'm Harry. What's your name love?" With a perfect smile

"Umm.. uhh .." I stuttered, while letting go of his hands and wrapping myself into his jacket he out in me.

"I see your cold," he laughed. I couldn't help but giggle a little.

"More like freezing." I said while smiling.

"Come with me." He said grabbing my hand and leading me to a big bus.

I let him bring me inside. He told me to lay down and he went to get some blankets. I put my bag down then did what he said. Before he could come back, I was all curled up and getting warm. Next thing I knew I was fast asleep on a bed inside the bus.

Harry's P.o.V 

I brought her inside the tour bus, I could tell she has been through a lot and obviously she was cold. So, I laid her on my bed and I went to get some blankets from the back. When I came back she was fast asleep, I put the blankets on her and tucked her in. I was careful because I didn't want to wake her. She looked so beautiful when she is sleeping. I was about to kiss her cheek when I heard the front door open. 

"Harry! Are you in here!?" It was Louis. I have to tell him about ... Oh my God... I don't even know her name! I forgot to ask her for her name! I'm so stupid. I'll keep her a secret till she wakes up. 

He yells again and knocks on the bedroom door. "Harry?! Are you in there?!"

"Yeah, hold on i'm umm... CHANGING!"

"Well we need you to help with all the stuff we brought."

"Kay, I'll be out in a minute!"

I waited a minute to make sure he was gone when I got out. I grabbed the key to lock the door and locked it. I put the key in my pocket and went out to help them. Hopefully she will be awake soon. I know she means something to me. I just don't know what yet.


I'm sorry it's so short! I'm trying my best! This is my first movella but when I get more time I'll try to start a few more but until I hope you guys like it !! Comment you think about the knew Kiss you lyric music video ! I honestly lovee it ! If you haven't seen it yet here's the link ----> 


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