The Warriors of The Hope

Ariana lived a very ordinary life. But then something happened, something strange, and she was thrown into a chaotic and unexpected journey. Now, Ariana and her friends have to find the only thing that can save their village, the mythical Hope.


2. Two

Ryleigh took us to his house. Unlike us, he lived on the outskirts of the village. His home was untouched and Kaleb was barking from inside. But his parents were gone.

Inside, Kaleb jumped onto Ryleigh. He grinned and picked the dog up into his arms. Imogen reached out to stroke him. Kaleb's tail wagged, hitting Ryleigh in the side. Imogen giggled.

There were two other kids, huddled together in the centre of the room. The eldest, a tall, graceful blonde girl, was covered in soot and ash. Tears streaked down her face. The other was a boy, around my age, who was sobbing. His knees were tucked into his chest and his head rested on his knees.

Ryleigh cleared his throat and they looked up at him. "This is Imogen and Ariana," he said. "Their parents owned the farm."

The girl smiled weakly at us. "I'm Jade," she said. "My family owned the sweetshop." I loved that sweetshop. The shelves were full of huge jars filled to the top with lovely candy. I remember Imogen knocked over three of them. Instead of smashing, they bounced back onto the shelf. Since then, we always thought the shop was magic.

The other boy mumbled, "I'm Ethan. My parents-my parents own the clothes shop." He didn't use the past tense when he spoke about his parents like Ryleigh and Jade did. Poor kid.

"What happened in the village?" Imogen asked quietly. Ethan started crying again and Jade put her arm around him.

"We're not sure," Ryleigh answered. "We think-" Jade shot him a look. "Okay, okay. I think it was the Darklings."

"Don't be silly," I said. "The Darklings are a myth. Mam used to tell us stories about them."

The Darklings are monsters who live in caves millions of miles underground, in the darkest part of the world. They've been alive since before even the dinosaurs walked on earth. Apparently, our village was right on top of their caves. Most of the time they leave us alone but every couple of thousand years, they would come up to the surface and 'punish' us for 'sins' we hadn't even known about. But it was all just myths, tales used to frighten little children. Wasn't it?

"Think about it Ariana," Ryleigh told me. "The Darklings are magic, right? They can control fire. The village burned. They loves setting off earthquakes. We felt the ground shake, didn't we? It all fits!"

Jade stood up and walked over to us. "Enough Ryleigh," she said. "You're scaring them." She put her arms around my sister and I. "Darklings or not, we can't stay here," Jade said slowly. "Whoever set the village on fire could be after us."

Ryleigh nodded and ran up the stairs. Jade headed for the kitchen, muttering about food and teenage boys. Imogen started chasing Kaleb around the room. I went over to Ethan.

He flinched as I put a hand on his shoulder. "We're going to try and help them, right?" I said. "Ryleigh was talking about hope or something."

Ethan looked up at me and whispered, "No one can save the slaves of the dark. Not even the warriors of The Hope."

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