The Warriors of The Hope

Ariana lived a very ordinary life. But then something happened, something strange, and she was thrown into a chaotic and unexpected journey. Now, Ariana and her friends have to find the only thing that can save their village, the mythical Hope.


1. One

It was just an ordinary day.

I woke up at dawn as usual. Mam and Imogen were already awake. Mam was brushing my sister's hair and singing, again. Dad was working on the farm, he was trying to round up the sheep.

After a normal breakfast of toast, I went to see if I could help Dad. Some idiot had set the sheep free again. Ryleigh was already helping him by trying to control his unruly sheepdog, Kaleb. I blushed when he smiled at me so no change there.

And then there were the tremors.

We had just got the sheep back into the field when the ground shook. Dad grabbed me and held me tight. Of course, some sheep panicked and managed to escape. Typical.

Ryleigh ran back to his family while Mam and Imogen came running to us. Suddenly, the warning bell went off in the village and our parents had to leave us. I'll never forget the looks of panic on their faces. When the bell rings, it means something terrible is happening and as many adults as possible need to go and help. Children mustn't go, no matter what.

Imogen was panicking, so I took her into the woods, to the tree house we played in when we were little. She always relaxes when she's in the woods, even though I don't. I'm always terrified that a bear or a wolf is going to appear and eat us. It will probably never happen but I still worry.

We still don't know how long we stayed there.

When we got back, everything was silent. There was no noise at all, except the crackle of flames.

Imogen sobbed and I screamed as we watched our village burn. Everything we knew and loved was on fire. Worse still, our parents had disappeared. And there was laughing, horrible, evil laughing.

It was Ryleigh who pulled us away. It was Ryleigh who told us not to cry.

And it was Ryleigh who told us about The Hope.

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