snake girl...

Adam is in for more than he can take when he comes across a starne love is it wierd to be in love with a snake girl.


1. snake girl

               the coldness grew around me. getting stronger with every gust of wind that blew. there i was lying in the snow freezing my butt off. it was unbearable. my skin was piercing from the cold. but of corse it would because i am part snake. the cold effects me badly. my scales were blue, and i had normal colored skin. My red hair was stuck together by the matted snow. the reason why i was in the snow was to escape from the circus. i knocked on doors but was mostly laughed at. there was one caring guy my age-16- but his girlfriend laughed at me then told me to get lost. so here i am sitting in the snow with nothing but the clothes on my back. it was time to start walking again but if i keep moving it might help me keep warm. then it was a blur. i hit something hard but, that didn’t matter i have too keep moving. then i was hit by something. no someone. i couldn’t open my eyes enough to see, but, i did know that they picked me up. i was hit with a wave of heat. whoever it is is warm. i nuzzled my head into the persons neck, and fell asleep. the next thing I know i woke up in front of a fireplace. I had a blanket draped over me. it was soft. It reminded me of syrpa my old pet rat. i heard a clang. “ oof!!!” some one said in pain. I ducked behind th couch hoping not to bother him. “ oh no don’t tell me i lost her!!!” he said in a state of panic. he had fright in his eyes. it was him the boy from yesterday. i poked my head up enough so he could see me. “ oh thank god!!!” he said with relief in his words. I took a piece of paper off the shelf, and wrote in big letters the word “ sorry!” as tears dripped down off my cheek, and into my snarled up hair. “ you shouldn’t have to be sorry!!!” he said eyes wide. He walked closer, and closer. each time he took a step toward me i took a step away from him. i had long forgot about how to  trust someone. he brought me into his home, and i cant trust him? what is wrong with me? I took a step forward, and it made me feel light headed. I took another step forward. step after step the pain got worse, all i remember is hitting the floor. then it was black. But, then my eyes started to open. When they were fully open all i saw was the boy. he had brown silky hair, and crystal blue eyes. then It was all black again. i sat alone in the dark covering my ears. then look up to see the lights all over again, and hear the same soft voice when i opened my eyes. he was sitting next to me waiting for me to talk. all that came out was silence. my mouth was open but no words were spoken. i guess he didn’t know i was mute. he sat there in a confused manner. “ what are you going to say?” he says. i got up and wobbled my way to the couch. then i grabbed a piece of paper from the table next to me. I wrote in big letters “ i am mute.” he stood in even more confusion. then i scribbled that off, and wrote in big letters “ mute means i can’t talk.” “now i get it.” he said.  “finally he got it through his big skull.” i thought. “hungry.” i wrote still in pain. “wait here he said he brought back a rat.” “what is that?” i wrote.” i befriend rats not eat them!” i wrote. “i eat regular food like you do.” i stated in bold letters. SOme times i wonder if he will treat me like a normal girl.”sorry.” he said with a glimmer of light in his eyes. his eyes looked like diamonds. i got out of my seat and gave him a hug. He hesitated for awhile. but, he eventually gave into my hugs. That is how it all started out.

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