Neighbours (Completed)

Alyssa Morgan is neighbors with the one and only Harry Styles. Most people would love to have him as their neighbor but Alyssa and Harry have never got on. It is Christmas and the Styles' are having a Christmas party. Alyssa is invited along with the rest of her family and there she meets the whole of One Direction. What happens when she meets them and what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


13. You're it

Alyssa's POV

What the actual flack? What was he doing here? I swear to god, if he tries to do anything to me today I will actually kick his brains out.

I glared at him. There was an awkward silence between all of us. Obviously someone had planned this, Harry hadn't seemed surprised when he said hi to 'us' or to them but he had been when he saw me.

I looked at Louis. He looked as confused as me. I was partially happy that it wasn't him who had done this. I would've been very mad if he had. I looked around at all of them, they all seemed surprised except Dani.

It was her. I knew it. Dani was my best friend and she thought that she could do this? "Dani?" I asked. She looked up at me, her eyes filled with guilt. "Look, guys I'm sorry, I just wanted to help. I thought that maybe you could... talk?"

I turned back round to look at Harry. He looked as surprised as I did. Also as mad. I just shook my head, grabbed Louis hand and walked away. I was furious.

Louis POV

Lyssie grabbed my hand and pulled me away. I could tell she was mad, very mad. "Lyssie-" "No, Louis. I can't talk to Harry. He hurt me badly," she exclaimed. "I know, I wasn't going to say that, I just think that maybe..." I trailed off, not really knowing what to say.

Lyssie sighed and looked at me. "I know, I should talk to him, I just don't know what to say. He hurt me Lou, I may not have liked him before but I thought he had changed some how, I don't know why," she said sadly. I hugged her tightly, her head resting in the crook of my neck.

"It's going to be ok Lyssie, I promise," I said.


We went back to the group. They were all talking. I think Dani was apologizing to Harry. We stopped in front of them and they immediately stopped talking.


"Should we go to some rides then?" asked Zayn trying to ease the tension. "Yeah, let's go," I said and we all went off.

Alyssa's POV

We had gone on a few rides now. It was getting much darker now as it was winter. I could hardly see and I was very cold. I felt some strong arms pull me towards them and I instantly felt safe.


I smiled up to him. Even though it was hard to see I saw him return it. "I'm bored," moaned Niall. "Yeah, me too," I agreed. "YOU'RE IT!" shouted Zayn running towards me, hitting me on the arm and then running away from me. Everyone ran away. Shoot.

I ran in the direction of Niall. He seemed... slow. I caught up with him pretty quickly and hit him on the arm. Niall screamed and ran after me again. Suddenly, I felt myself colliding with someone. I felt safe. Their arms came round me and I looked up to see Harry...


Sooooo, she felt safe huh???? Eeek, so exciting!!!!!!

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