Neighbours (Completed)

Alyssa Morgan is neighbors with the one and only Harry Styles. Most people would love to have him as their neighbor but Alyssa and Harry have never got on. It is Christmas and the Styles' are having a Christmas party. Alyssa is invited along with the rest of her family and there she meets the whole of One Direction. What happens when she meets them and what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


2. Truth or Dare

Louis POV

I woke up the next morning very happy. Last night had been great apart from the slight glare from Harry but apart from that it was really nice to meet Alyssa. I got dressed then went downstairs for some breakfast. Liam was already down, on the phone to Dani. I sighed. Even though I had broken up with Eleanor she had broken my heart and it was taking some time to get over it. Although, I think Alyssa was helping. I sat down with my cereal, carrot and some juice. Liam looked so happy when he spoke, thought, talked or looked at or about Dani. I was jealous but if Alyssa liked me the same way than I would hopefully have the same relationship. Suddenly, my phone beeped and I nearly jumped of joy when it was from Alyssa. - Hey Lou, wuu2??- Just as I was replying I was interrupted by Liam saying," why do you look so happy?" I looked up and Liam winked at me. "Oh just... well Alyssa just texted me." Liam laughed. "Lou, you can't get this excited when a girl texts you." I laughed as well and then said," I guess I really, really like her. I think she is helping me get over Eleanor even though it hasn't been officially said that we have broken up. "Don't worry, I get it. I feel the same way about Dani." Liam was the best. He may be the most sensible person out of all of us but he was great! I replied back to Alyssa -not much, having brkfast. Do you want to come round today?- I was a bit hesitant about adding if she wanted to come so I asked Liam as he was the Daddy Directioner and always knew what to do. "Do you mind if Alyssa comes round?" I asked. "No, it will be great. Haven't had a girl around for ages. Should I ask Dani over as well so she can meet all of us?" "Yeah, sure I don't mind. Do you think the others will mind?" "No way, they all like her. Tell her to come around around lunch time." "Cool," I said and pressed the 'send' button.

Alyssa's POV

-not much, having brkfast. Do you want to come round today?- That was Louis text. Oh my god. He had just asked me round. I was so excited. -Yeah sure, will the boys mind?- I replied. I immediately got a text back -No, they won't :) Come around 3ish- -Sure, umm, I might need the directions?!- -Oh yeah, soz.- He gave me the directions and I instantly called my best friend Sofia. "Hey Sofia?" "Hey babe, wassup?" I laughed and replied," you will never guess what happened last night!" "Omg, what?" "Ok, so you know that the Styles' were hosting a Christmas party, right?" "Yah" "So my mum forced me to go and obviously I really didn't want to go but Harry introduced me to 1D!" "No way!" "Yes, I know!" "No actual 'beeping' way!" It took me some time to actually make her believe that I did meet them. "And that wasn't all!" "Really, this is so unfair! First you get to meet them and then there is more!" I laughed, I loved Sofia. "Yeah, so of course I met Louis Tomins-" "No way, no actual fucking way!" "Yes way and so we chatted and he gave me his number and so I texted him this morning and he asked me if I wanted to come round and of course I said yes and, well I needed to tell someone and OH MY GOD!!! Kaylee!!!" "Err... Lyssie?" "Sorry Sof, my little 'beeping' sister just came in and thought I wasn't watching and Kaylee, you little 'beep'. Sorry Sof, I will call you later or text you while I am at the house, ok?" "Ok, love you you little lucky loveducky." And I ended the call. Now all I had to do was find Kay...


It was 2:00. I had gone on google maps and I had found out that it would only take me 15 minutes to get to the house. I was so excited. I took a shower, then got dressed into some casual jeans and a nice white top. I put on my makeup and put on a fur-hooded jacket and a scarf and put on some heeled boots. I looked in the mirror. Great, not too sophisticated but not too casual. It was 2:55. Crap, I thought, I really need to get faster at getting ready. And then I remembered that he said around 3 so it wouldn't be that bad if I got there a bit later than 3. I got in my car, a white mini and I drove off.

Louis POV

It was 3:05 and I knew that Alyssa would be arriving soon. Harry wasn't here but the boys were and they were looking forward to Alyssa coming round, as well as Dani. "Lets see how well she copes at the house of One Direction." said Zayn. Niall laughed. "It's going to be quite a shock." "Yeah... I know, we will have to play Truth or Dare!" exclaimed Zayn. Liam groaned," not any for me which involve doing anything 'innapropriate' with the other girls... or you in fact." "But then it's no fun!" Niall whined. "Yeah and it also won't be fun with Dani dumping me." "Dani wouldn't do that, she loves you too much," I pointed out. "Yeah,  but she won't be coming around that often afterwards and I will always be questioned about what we play in this household." "True," Niall muttered. Suddenly, we heard the doorbell ring. I jumped up and raced to the door. It was Lyssie and Dani both chatting and getting along very well. Even though they had probably only known each other for about 30 seconds I knew that Lyssie was instantly welcome in the house of the Directions. "Hey girls, come in," I said. "Hey Lou," said Dani cheerfully and stepping into the house. Lyssie a bit shyer said," Hey Louis, nice place, this is... amazing." I knew what she mean't. I was exactly like her when I first saw it. It was big and modern and everything you would want for a house for 5 young adults. "Thanks, glad you could come." She stepped in and placed my hand on her back leading her forwards. "Lyssie!" Niall shouted and gave her a huge, Horan hug. I could tell she was confused at first but then returned the hug and smiled. "That was the best return everrrr!" Niall said ecstatic. "Most girls just stand there frightened. You and Dani are the best... apart from Sydney of course." Sydney was Niall's girlfriend who he was over-in-love with. Sydney was in America, going for a trip to see some friends. Lyssie pouted a bit, looking sad but then smiled and laughed. "Right then, it's truth or dare!" shouted Zayn. We all sat down on the sofas and started.

Alyssa's POV

I wasn't sure if I was glad that we were playing truth or dare. Obviously, I had never played this game with them and I wasn't sure how they played it. We sat on their incredibly comfy sofas and started. "Ok, because we have a newcomer, we will play normal truth or dare. Bit early to be playing strip," said Zayn. I blushed. I wasn't sure whether it was a good thing being a newcomer but I was glad we weren't playing strip truth or dare. "Ok, Lyssie you ask first," said Niall excitedly. "Ok, Dani truth or dare?" "Truth." "OK... Snog, marry, avoid." "Easy, peasy. Snog Zayn. Marry Liam and avoid Niall." "What!" exclaimed Niall pretending to be incredibly hurt. "What about my Horan hugs?" And Niall hugged her so tightly that she was nearly gasping for air. "Sorry my little nandos lover." The game continued sending out all sorts of weird and wonderful truths and dares. It was a good game to play as I got to know every person there a little bit more. Finally it was my turn and Zayn asked me. "Truth or Dare Lyssie." I paused and then answered," Dare." "Wow, newcomer goes for the big one! Ok... snog Louis." Oh my god. I looked at Louis and his cheeks had turned red. I blushed and Niall laughed. I saw Louis turn his head slightly and lean in...

Cliffhanger!!! Will Louis and Alyssa actually kiss??? What will happen afterwards?? Will their relationship turn for the better or for the worst?? Please comment guys and like this. Please read my other books as well!!!

Love you guys,

Mina x

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