Neighbours (Completed)

Alyssa Morgan is neighbors with the one and only Harry Styles. Most people would love to have him as their neighbor but Alyssa and Harry have never got on. It is Christmas and the Styles' are having a Christmas party. Alyssa is invited along with the rest of her family and there she meets the whole of One Direction. What happens when she meets them and what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


22. Seriously?!

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Alyssa's POV

Niall's car pulled up into the drive and I was already waiting on the veranda outside. Niall got out and came up, smiling as he saw me jump up. I was wearing a light purple dress, with silver heels and a greyish cardigan. 

As Niall greeted me, kissing me lightly on the cheek, I realised that Louis had never actually taken me out on a date. I took Louis out of my mind, it was Niall and I tonight, just us.

I followed Niall to the car and got in. "Where are we going?" I asked curiously. "Wellllllll, I was thinking some fine dining somewhere and then I thought, heck no, I want Nandos," he said seriously. I looked at him with a confused and concerned face. Errr... ok.

"Whatever," I mumbled and stared out the window. I heard Niall chuckle slightly. What's so funny, I thought. I got all bloody dressed up to go eat some f****** nandos. What the f***. Seriously dude, you need to get some class Niall, I thought angrily.

"Really, I don't have class," asked Niall. Oh, s***. "I said that out loud didn't I?" I asked, guilt eating me up. Niall nodded. "I'm sorry Niall, it's just..." I trailed off, not wanting to hurt his feels anymore.

We turned the corner and arrived at some place which looked a lot like a cliff out-looking onto a beach. Even though it was beautiful, it didn't look anything like Nando's and the cliff seemed pretty big. "Err, Niall. I know I hurt your feelings but I didn't mean for you to kill us," I said urgently. Niall laughed. "Niall, this isn't bloody funny," I said angrily.

"Alyssa, calm down. I'm not committing suicide. We are eating here," Niall said chuckling. "Huh? I thought you said we were eating at Nandos?" I asked, seriously confused. "Well, since you didn't want to go to Nando's, I made some different arrangements," he said, stopping the car and pointing to a candle-lit table.

"How? What the? But you were? You didn't call or? I am so confused right now," I muttered. Niall laughed," you actually thought I was going to take you to Nando's? I may love that place but I'm not that bad."

"Oh my god Niall! This is beautiful, I'm so sorry that I swore at you and stuff, I was just kinda annoyed," I said, suddenly feeling extremely guilty. "Don't worry babe, it's cool," Niall said and got out the car.

This was going to be amazing, I was sure of it.

Niall's POV

We got out. I couldn't help staring at Alyssa, she looked amazing. "Eyes up here Niall," she chuckled. "Oh, um sorry," I mumbled. We both laughed and I took her hand, trying to sink the feelings of tingles trickling up my hand.

We walked over to the table and I pulled her seat out for her, I wanted everything to be perfect. She giggled and I sat down opposite her. We ate and talked, the conversation comfortable and fun. Afterwards there was silence for a few seconds until I just started singing.

I don't know why I did, I just... did. Alyssa looked up slowly and smiled. I smiled back and kept on singing. I got up slowly and reached for her hand, pulling her up and into my arms.

She smiled softly and followed me. I led her to the edge, no, don't worry, I wasn't going to push her off. The sun was fading slightly and it was the most beautiful scene ever. I carried on singing and we swayed softly to my voice.  

The sunset rays were shining down on Alyssa's face and she looked even more beautifull than ever. Her eyes glistened and danced.

Alyssa's POV

It was beautiful, not only the scene and the sunset but also Niall. His gorgeous blonde hair was in a slight quiff and his brilliant blue eyes dazzled. His voice was amazing and it felt like I was getting sang too by an angel. Yes, I know. That last comment was very cheesy but it was the truth and I can't lie to you guys.

I lay my head into his chest and his sang the rest of the song, whispering the words into my hair. I closed my eyes but I wasn't falling asleep, I was just listening.

"You ok?" Niall's beautiful Irish voice said from above. I looked up and nodded," of couse Niall, this is... perfect." He smiled and after a few seconds of just gazing at each other, we both leaned in and kissed.

I felt everywhere fireworks explode. This time I was sure of what I felt. This was different than Louis, much different. We broke apart after a few seconds and I rested my head back on his chest. We were still dancing even though there wasn't any music, it just felt right.


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