Neighbours (Completed)

Alyssa Morgan is neighbors with the one and only Harry Styles. Most people would love to have him as their neighbor but Alyssa and Harry have never got on. It is Christmas and the Styles' are having a Christmas party. Alyssa is invited along with the rest of her family and there she meets the whole of One Direction. What happens when she meets them and what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


7. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Louis POV

Alyssa spent the night at our house seeing as it was late and dark. She used my bed while I was going to go on the couch. I took her up to my room. "Louis, could I borrow something to wear to bed?" she asked. "Yeah sure," I said going through some drawers," here." She went into the bathroom and out it on. She came back. It was very big for her but it was fine. "Thanks Lou," she said sweetly and kissing me gently. "No problemo," I said cheerfully. She sat down on the bed and I tucked her under the covers," goodnight Lyssie," I kissed her on the forehead and I as I was walking away an arm grabbed my wrist. "Don't go," she said sleepily. I chuckled," anything for you my princess." I got into bed beside her and she snuggled up to me. It was the best feeling ever.

Alyssa's POV// Next Morning//

I woke up the next morning still wrapped in Louis strong arms. I felt safe and I didn't want to move. Careful not to wake him up I kissed him on the cheek and then slowly got out of bed. I walked into the bathroom and sprayed myself with water to wake me up. I  got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. Louis was sitting up in the bed. "Good morning," I said walking over to the bed and kissing him gently. "Good morning," he said returning the kiss. We broke away. "I'm going downstairs to have some breakfast, you coming?" I asked. "I'll meet you down there," he said rolling out of bed. I walked downstairs. Liam, Zayn and Niall were all sitting round the table. Zayn on his phone, Niall complaining to Liam about how little food there was and Liam looking at me, not listening to Niall. "Hey Lyssie," said Liam. "Hey Li, Ni and Za," I replied. "Nice nicknames," said Zayn turning round so he could see me. "I know right," I said sarcastically. "Is there any cereal?" I asked. "Yeah, in the bottom, left corner. "Thanks," I said reaching up and getting a box of coco pops. "So are you and Louis together then?" asked a random voice from behind me. I turned round to see Niall grinning at me. "Err..." "Well it was pretty obvious seeing as the sofa bed wasn't even touched and he didn't come into our rooms or Harry's. I felt myself going very pink and I just nodded. "I knew it!" shouted Zayn. "Shut up Zayn, the others are trying to sleep," said Liam. "Sorry daddy," Zayn grumbled. "Oh and Lyssie, I'm sorry for giving you that dare yesterday. I didn't know how you felt about Louis and stuff," said Niall looking very guilty and looking towards the floor. "Hey, don't worry Niall. It's fine," I said running up and giving him a hug," You know I love you." "Yayyyy," squealed Niall returning the hug. "Now, can I have my bowl of cereal?" I asked wriggling out of Niall's grip. "Oh and by the way does Harry know?" asked Zayn. "Yeah..." I nodded and poured the milk onto my coco pops.

Harry's POV

I woke up the next morning later than usual. I wasn't surprised though because I had spent the whole night thinking about what Alyssa had said to me. I guess I had to move on, maybe she was right, that I had fallen in love with the wrong girl. I didn't know, my emotions were everywhere at the moment, I just couldn't think straight. I pulled on some trousers and a t-shirt and walked downstairs. Niall, Zayn, Liam and Alyssa were all sitting round the table eating breakfast. Niall and Alyssa were chatting. I still felt butterflies when I saw her but I dismissed them immediately. I made myself a piece of toast and sat down. Alyssa smiled at me, I could see that she was nervous for my reaction. I smiled back although it was rather forced. I could see that she had noticed this as well and her face fell a bit but she carried on. What was I doing? Why couldn't I just face the fact that she was in love with someone else? I had to deal with it. Louis came into the kitchen and Liam and Niall whistled. Alyssa and Louis went red. "So you guys know?" Louis asked. I knew that he thought that I had told them. How had they found out anyway? "Yup," replied Niall popping the 'p'. "How did you guys find out?" he asked gruffly. "Well a made bed which hasn't been slept in and since you weren't sleeping in other rooms, it was kinda obvious," said Zayn matter-of-factly. "Oh right, well than yes," Louis had relaxed a bit. I didn't know how long it was going to take for us to be friends but I knew that we were going to have to talk.

Louis POV

relaxed a bit. At least Harry hadn't told them. I didn't know how long it was going to take for us to be friends again but I knew that we were going to have to talk. I made myself some tea and sat down next to Lyssie. She was blushing like crazy and I didn't know why. "Lyssie, are you alright?" I asked her. "Um..." and then her eyes wandered down to my chest which I realized were bare. I chuckled slightly and said," you like it?" She laughed blushing more. "Can you go out a shirt on, I feel like a red hot chili pepper." "Sure babe," I said kissing her on the cheek and sipping my tea. 


Lyssie and I were sat down on the hanging chair in our sitting room. She was cuddled up to me and I held her tight. "You are going to have to come and meet my parents you know?" she said. "I would love to," I said kissing her on the forehead. "Really?" she asked looking up at me. "Of course, any relative of you, I am sure is going to be as nice as you are. And you can come and meet my family as well. I am sure they will be glad to meet you." She rested her head on my chest and her breathing became slower, soon she was fast asleep.

I am so sorry that I haven't updated in such a long time! I had so many christmas-related thing to do, I got caught up. I am going on holiday tmr and it might be hard for me to update but I will try my hardest!!!!

Did you guys like it???? Will Harry get over her??? When will Louis and Alyssa go public???? Excited :)

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Love you guys,

Mina x

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