Neighbours (Completed)

Alyssa Morgan is neighbors with the one and only Harry Styles. Most people would love to have him as their neighbor but Alyssa and Harry have never got on. It is Christmas and the Styles' are having a Christmas party. Alyssa is invited along with the rest of her family and there she meets the whole of One Direction. What happens when she meets them and what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


25. Hearts

Alyssa's POV

I was curled up in my bed, under my soft duvet and tissues lying around me. Louis hated me. He hated me so much, I could tell. My head was throbbing and I felt like I was about to die... Literally.

I heard a soft knock at the door. Even though I hadn't answered I heard the door open slowly. "Darling, please talk to me. I'm worried. You never tell me what's going on and you seem to be happy and then desperately sad, then happy then sad and... Well you get where I am going with this. Please darling, tell me what is wrong," my mother pleaded.

I pulled my head grudgingly out of my duvet and faced her. Once she saw me, she rushed up to me and hugged me tight which only made me cry harder. "Darling, what's the matter?" she asked softly.

"I... Louis hates me," I said. "What? He is your boyfriend?!" my said, sounding outraged. "Not anymore," I said and told her everything that had happened.

10 Minutes Later

"Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry. Do you think you did the right thing?" my mum asked. "I-I don't know. I still love Louis but I love Niall. I thought that I only loved Louis in a brotherly way but now I'm not sure," I replied.

"Just do what your heart tells you," my mum said softly. I nodded and she got up. "I am going to make some supper, how about... some Spaghetti?" my mum asked. I smiled and nodded. Mmmm, pasta was my favourite.

I laid back in bed. I felt marginally better and my headache had gone. Now, all was left was my heart. My mum had told me to do what my heart tells me to do but I didn't even know, everything was too confusing. Love was too confusing.

Louis POV

I was sat up in my bed, staring at the other side of my room. My head pounded and I felt ill. As soon as I had come home, I had just come home and run up to my room. Later I had heard Niall come in but I ignored him, I ignored everyone.

I couldn't wait till my birthday tomorrow... Note the sarcasm.

There was something telling me to go and speak to her. But then there was something else to forget it, she loved Niall and that would be the end of it. No, I had to go. I was still confused.

Just as I was about to get up, I felt my phone buzz. I picked it up and looked at it. Great, just great. It was from Rebecca. That was not what I needed right now.

- Hey Lou, haven't heard from you in agessss. So just wondering if you wanted to meet sometime?? Maybe around 8 tonight at The Red Rose?? Love you, Becca boo -

Ok. What the actual flack was that? She had planned a date for me? Really, the Red Rose? That was like the crappiest place in town. I bet she knew who I was. Well, there was no way I was going on a date with her. Eww.

- Hey Rebecca. I'm sorry but I can't make tonight and I will be leaving town tomorrow. It was nice meeting you, Louis -

I know, I sounded like a real douche. Go for the kiss and then leave her but my mind was on other things.  Like Alyssa. Right now I wasn't even sure if I loved her in a relationship kinda way or a brotherly/ sisterly way like she had said.

I stuffed my phone into my pocket and headed out. The boys where nowhere to be seen and I guessed that they had gone out to see their girlfriend's or something. Oh wait, what if Niall was with Alyssa. I brought my phone out and flicked through my contacts till I reached Alyssa. I paused before pressing call.

It rang a few times before I heard someone," hello?" "Um, hi Alyssa. This is Louis," I mumbled nervously. "I know that, I do have caller ID, I'm not in the 15th century," she chuckled nervously. I laughed softly and said," um, I was just wondering if we could, er just talk."

There was a pause before Alyssa replied," sure. Where?" "I can come round to yours and then we can go to, er, I don't really know," I said, realising how stupid I sounded. Alyssa chuckled and said," sure. See you in a sec." "Bye," I said and the phoned call ended.

Alyssa's POV

I breathed deeply as the call ended. I was going to speak to Louis. This is what I needed. I needed to clear my head and my feelings and my heart was telling me things that I finally understood.

I changed into some clean jeans and a black coat over my pink tank top. I grabbed my bag and phone and left my room. I went down the stairs and went into the kitchen where my mum was in the midst of cooking. "Hey mum, I am just going out to talk to, er, Louis so can I have supper later?"

"Of course darling and remember, do what your heart tells you," my mum said hugging me. "Thanks mum and I will," I said, kissing her on the cheek and leaving. I sat on our veranda, in the chair looking out onto our front lawn. I heard something come up to my drive and sure enough it was Louis.

I got up slowly and Louis came out of the car. We walked awkwardly to each other and soon stopped infront of each other. "So... you wanna walk and talk?" Louis asked. I smiled and nodded. Louis pointed to the left, near the shops and I nodded again.

Lets just hope my heart doesn't get confused again.


So they are going to talk!!!!!!! Lets hope it goes well :) What do you want to happen??? Please tell me!!!!!


Love you guys,

Mina x

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