Neighbours (Completed)

Alyssa Morgan is neighbors with the one and only Harry Styles. Most people would love to have him as their neighbor but Alyssa and Harry have never got on. It is Christmas and the Styles' are having a Christmas party. Alyssa is invited along with the rest of her family and there she meets the whole of One Direction. What happens when she meets them and what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


8. Flashes

Alyssa's POV //Few Days later//

It was now late afternoon. The boys, Perrie, Dani and I were planning to go out for dinner. I didn't know what to wear. I was in a dilemna. Luckily, Perrie and Dani were coming over. We had become very close, basically best friends. I collapsed onto my bed staring at all my clothes which I had thrown down on the floor. My mum came in. "Lyssie, this room is a mess!" she exclaimed. "Sorry mum, I don't know what to wear." I sighed. "When are Dani and Perrie coming over" she asked. "They should be here any minute now, sorry mum. All the mess will have gone by the time I have gone." "Ok darling, remember tomorrow we have another christmas party so don't get back too late. Only a week now till christmas," said mum excitedly. I smiled. "Can't wait mum. Don't worry, I will be back latest around 10." "That's fine." She kissed me on the cheek and then went downstairs. Ugh, what was I going to do. I had half an hour to find out what I was going to wear, have a shower and then put on my makeup. I decided to have a shower now since it would save time. Half way through my shower I heard Perrie and Dani run up the stairs. "LYSSIE!" they shouted. "Hey guys, I am in the shower, I will be out in a sec." "Wow, Lyssie, your room is an absolute tip." "I know... Can you guys help me pick an outfit out of the clothes on the floor." I heard Dani grumble a bit and then they called," sure." After a few more minutes I came out of the shower and dried myself off. I got back into my shorts and random top and went back into my room. "Hey guys, sorry about the mess..." "This is ridiculous Lys, is your room normally like this?" Perrie asked. "No, just tonight." "Thank god for that, we have found something for you to wear," said Dani pulling out a white short-sleeved top, with a belt and flowery skirt. "Nice and casual," Perrie said. "Thanks guys, this is perfect," I said hugging them. "I will just go get dressed." "Hurry up," Dani called. I quickly put the outfit on and put on my makeup. We had about 30 seconds until the boys came. We ran downstairs and we saw a limo pull up to my drive.

Louis POV

We pulled up to the drive. "We are here guys," I said. "Yay!" exclaimed Niall jumping out of the limo. We all got out and I rang the doorbell. We waited a few seconds before the door opened. "Hey guys, come in," Lyssie said. Lyssie looked amazing, not that she didn't always but tonight even though she didn't go all the way she looked incredible. "You look amazing babe," I whispered into her ear and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled and whispered,"thank you," and led us into the sitting room. Perrie immediately got up and said hello to Zayn, kissing him and Dani did the same to Liam. I looked towards Niall and felt a bit sorry for him. He had recently broken up with Sydney and was still upset about it although didn't show it. "Hey Lou," said Lyssie kissing me on the cheek. "Hey, nice place you got here," I said looking round her sitting room. It was very big and modern with a big L-shaped sofa in the middle. "Thanks," she said smiling," Louis, this is my mum, mum, this is my boyfriend Louis." Lyssie was gesturing towards a woman who had just come in. "Hello," I said shaking her hand. "Hello Louis, you can call me Sophie," replied Sophie with a broad smile. "Thanks, Sophie," I replied. "Ok guys, I think it is time to go!" said Lyssie loudly. "Cool," said Liam and we all went out saying bye to Sophie.

Lyssie's POV

We all got into the limo. Wow. This was amazing. There was a mini fridge, tv, all the seats were weirdly comfortable. I sat down next to Louis and asked," so where are we going?" "Well first we have to go pick up Harry which won't be a sweat and then we are going to some restuarant which I don't really know, Liam booked it." "Cool, can't wait," and I kissed him tenderly. We arrived at Harry's house and before we even unbuckled our seatbelts Harry was in. "What took you guys so long?" he complained getting in the limo. Normally this would've annoyed me but weirdly it didn't. "The guys came in our house and we chatted for a bit, sorry Harry," I explained. Harry seemed a little shocked that I was speaking to him. He nodded and muttered," ok, no problem." What was with him. It was if he was never going to forgive me about not being with him. He didn't smile at me a few days ago at breakfast and now he was hardly speaking to me. Ugh. I decided not to think about it and try and enjoy the outing. "Is everything ok?" Louis asked me. "What? Oh yeah, everything is good," I replied putting on my best smile. I knew Louis didn't believe me," please Lyssie," he begged. "Don't worry Lou, I will tell you another time, ok?" His eyes searched mine before finally saying," ok."

Louis POV

I knew something was wrong. Was it me? I hoped not. I looked at her one last time and then left it, hopefully she would tell me later. We soon arrived at some fancy looking resturant. It looked quite nice until I saw all the flashes. Paparazzi. Ugh, I hated them. Ok, I didn't hate them but why couldn't they give us a break? We needed our privacy. We all got out the car. It was normal, they would just take pictures but then they started shouting. Lyssie clutched my hand tightly. At first I didn't know who or what they were shouting to but then I realized they were shouting at me. "Is she your new girlfriend?" "Did you lie at the interview?" "Why did you lie?" etc. But soon they were shouting at Lyssie. Lyssie was shaking, hard. "Do you think you will get haters?" "Are you only dating Louis for his money?" They kept on barking questions at us. I felt Harry tug at my arm. I was blinded by all the flashes and shouting. As Harry tugged me I felt my grip with Lyssie loosen and soon her hand had gone. "Lyssie!" I shouted. "LYSSIE!" Harry kept on tugging at me but I shoved him away. Harry glared at me. I ignored it and carried on shouting. Nothing...

Cliffy!!!!! Hope you guys like it! Why is Harry acting so weird????? Plz comment and like, etc.

Love you guys,

Mina x

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