Neighbours (Completed)

Alyssa Morgan is neighbors with the one and only Harry Styles. Most people would love to have him as their neighbor but Alyssa and Harry have never got on. It is Christmas and the Styles' are having a Christmas party. Alyssa is invited along with the rest of her family and there she meets the whole of One Direction. What happens when she meets them and what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


4. Awkward

Louis POV

I woke up groggy. I had had a bad nights sleep. Why was Harry so angry? I lumbered downstairs and made myself some tea. I sat down at the table and saw that I had a text from Alyssa. -Hey Lou, wuu2 today? xx- I was over the moon when I saw the x's. I guess she hadn't minded when I kissed her last night. Well she hadn't pulled away from me which was a good sign. -Hey Lyssie, not much. We have an interview today later in the afternoon. You can come with us if you want. Perrie and Dani are coming as well. Come round ASAP. xx- I pressed send just as I heard the front door clicking open. In came Harry. It was pretty awkward since what had happened yesterday. He stopped and stared at me and then mumbled something which I couldn't hear. I decided to ignore it. It was pretty hard though, Harry was or had been my best friend, this had never happened before and I didn't like it although I hadn't expected Harry to do something like that. " Is Alyssa coming round today?" he asked. I turned round. "Yeah think so," I replied and felt my phone vibrate on the table. -Ok but will I have to come on stage or anything? I will come round in about half an hour, is that ok?- "Yeah, she's coming round in about half an hour," I said glaring at him. He nodded his head and sat down on one of the sofas. I gulped down the last bit of my coffee and went upstairs to get dressed. 

Harry's POV

I nodded my head and sat down on one of the sofas. Great, well now Louis hated me and I bet most of the boys hated me as well. Why did I have to be so stupid. Why did I care about Louis and Alyssa. Ok, well I could answer that, I had been in love with her for ages. At first it was just she was my neighbor, I was the boy who annoyed her but I guess I wasn't very good at showing that I liked her because all I did was make her hate me even more. What was wrong with me? I was getting a headache and I went into the kitchen to get some water. Louis had left his phone. I knew Louis was or had been my best friend but I couldn't resist it. His password was easy, carrots, I sometimes wondered why he had a password seeing as basically the whole universe knew it. I unlocked it and it came up with the text messages that he had been sending to Lyssie. Today all the messaged had x's. Ok, so I knew most people put x's at the end of their messages but obviously something had happened between them and was developing. I heard someone come down the stairs and I immediately put the phone down and locked it. It was Liam. "Hey Hazza, how are you?" "I'm good," I lied. He looked at me suspiciously and said," look I was there when it happened and don't worry, I don't hate you. You obviously have feelings for the girl and I can't hate you for that. I think that you have to apologize to Louis and Lyssie though and straighten somethings out with Alyssa." I nodded, I knew he was right, he was right most of the time. "Ok, well Alyssa is coming in about 10 minutes, I will do it then." "Cool, I will just go up and get changed." 

Alyssa's POV

I arrived at the boys house 11:07, half an hour after he asked me to come. I rang the doorbell and was surprised to see that Harry opened the door. It was awkward, I have to admit. He looked guilty though and I thought, good, serves you right the way you treated me. "So, can I come in?" I asked. "Oh yeah, soz," he mumbled. God, what was going on in that head of his. I suddenly heard feet tumbling down the stairs and was soon engulfed by a massive hug. "Hey Lou," I laughed. He released me and I got some air back. "Hey Lyssie. How's life." "Good, good, you?" "Was pretty boring until you got here," he winked and I blushed. It surprised me how little he could do which could make me blush. "Do you want anything?" he asked. "What do you have?" I asked brightly and followed him into the kitchen. He listed what they had and I chose some orange juice and a piece of toast. I had already had a bit of breakfast but I was still starving. I sat down and was about to eat my toast when I heard," Hey Lyssie." I turned round to see Liam come into the kitchen. "Hey Li, whats up?" "Not much, coming to the interview with us?" "Yup, well I think so if the boys don't mind." "They won't and Perrie will be glad to meet you." I nodded and munched on my toast. I saw Louis was eating a carrot," Louis, is there any chance that you love carrots?" He was devouring his carrot like a raging rabbit. He looked at me surprised. "Do I love carrots?" Even Liam was looking at me surprised. "I LOVE carrots!" Louis exclaimed. "Yup, sometimes Louis gets high on carrots," said Liam laughing. Louis shot him a look. I laughed," so I have come into a house where most of the guys are still asleep at 11:30 and are probably still going to be asleep for a long time and another gets high on carrots! God, I must be desperate," I said half-laughing, half-trying to be serious. "Hey, that was mean," said Louis trying to look sad. Liam just laughed," welcome to the house of One Direction."


We arrived at the studio. It was an awkward drive there. I had been sitting next to Harry and Dani. Harry and I were obviously not really talking to each other that much, only when we had to and Dani was talking to Liam most of the time. Every time I moved in my seat Harry seemed to tense up. I was baffled. Why did Harry care so much. What was bothering him so much about me and Louis. We weren't even going out... Well, I didn't even know if that was the truth. The kiss yesterday had been amazing but I wasn't sure if he was just being Louis or actually wanted to go out. 

When we arrived I saw a blonde haired girl who was medium height waiting outside. I imagined that was Perrie as I saw Zayn's eyes light up when he saw her and Dani was waving out the window and calling Perrie and the blonde haired girl had waved back which I guess was a pretty big clue. Zayn rushed out the car and twirled Perrie round. They were so cute together and there was a part of me that hoped that one day that would be me and Louis. Dani grabbed my hand," let's go introduce you to Perrie. " 

Sorry that this is a crap and short and nothing-really-happens chapter but I needed to do it!! You know the drill guys, please comment, like etc. You guys are the best and please put the word out for me. I am doing a competition with my friend and the person first to 600 views, 15 likes etc. wins. Please can you guys help me win!!!!!!!! :) 

Love you guys,

Mina x

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