20 year old Lexi was in for a joy ride when her best guy friend losses control. What happened.


1. Love?

      Unwanted, miserable, unloved, broken, these are all words that describe me. I didn’t feel whole. Was something missing. I will think of that later. “Danny get out of the snow.” I said. Danny was a childhood friend. We were never ever separated. But we both knew that could very well change in a snap. For some reason when I was around Danny I felt wanted, happy, loved, and whole. He was the reason I am still in one piece. I still cry at night thinking of that night. We were walking, all I saw was a bright light. But when I opened my eyes he had lost an arm. Now he has a mechanical arm. He was still the same Danny though right? “Come on Danny we will be late.” I say laughing at him. “I am coming.” Danny said with a pile of snow burying his legs. He runs up to me with the limp that the accident caused. The accident wasn’t the car accident it was a roller skating accident. “I am coming.” he said again with a sigh of relief when he reached me. He gets in the car. I lock the doors of the car. “Where are we going?” he asked still wheezing. “I am bringing you to physical therapy.” I say bracing myself in case he freaks out like he usually does with his mom. “Okay!” he said with cheer filling his eyes. Why wasn’t he yelling or screaming. I’ll ask him later.

      We get to his appointment right as a cheerful lady with red frizzy hair walks out, and starts to head toward us. “Hi!!!” she says in a high pitch voice that could send you into spasms. Danny’s eye started to twitch. I know that twitch. He does that when he is stressed out. He didn’t look like he wanted to be here. “This way Danny!” she says with a crack in her voice. “Oh is this your girlfriend!?” she asked. “No!!!” Danny says real quick not letting me get a chance to explain. “Well feel free to come with him!” she says. I nod. I follow her to a screening room where there was a doctor waiting for him next to a weird looking gadget. There were straps, and strings everywhere. “Hello Danny come get strapped in.” said the doctor. I think the nurse called him Howard. “Okay Mrs. Can you help him get strapped in?” the doctor asked. “Yeah I guess.” I said trying to sound thrilled. It was kind of funny seeing him struggle to try to get each strap on but, instead he ended up looking like a tangled mess. I giggled a little bit trying to keep from bursting from laughter. “WHAT!?!?!?!?” he said irritated. “ Oh I’m sorry I was just laughing because you look so funny.” I said knowing I would regret saying what I did. “IT IS NOT FUNNY TO ME!!!!!!” he yelled hitting me with his knife like words. “I-I am so sorry I just-” but, he cut me off. “YOU KNOW WHAT JUST GET OUT OF HERE OKAY I- I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-” he stopped talking as I ran out of the building. I ran, and ran. I didn’t mean to it just came out. I hear foot steps behind me. I don’t care to look back to see who it is. “STOP!!!” yells Danny. I stop with my hood on and my face blank as paper. “WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT!!!” he yells obviously still mad. “I-I...” I stop right there scared to say anything else. “I have never seen you like this...” I mumble hoping I don’t have to repeat myself. “What?” he says tension still in his voice. “I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU LIKE scares me...” I say my thoughts running wildly through my mind. I start to head for the door but his blistered hands grabbing my wrist so tight that I can’t feel my blood flow to my fingers. I whip around startled by the feeling. “LET ME GO!!!” I shout my voice hurting from the tears burning my throat. Right now my mouth felt as dry as his hands. He pins me to a wall to restrain me. “stop....just please stop....don’t hurt me.” I say with fear filling my eyes, and face. The metal from his mechanical hand is digging into my wrist. “It wrist....” I say with pain in my words. His grip gets tighter. Scared thinking that he might break my wrist I slip the other free. I pull my hand back. SMACK!!! There on his face was a huge hand mark. He lets go of my wrist. “Let me explain!” he says with anger clogging his throat. “What the reason that you pinned me to wall, and tried breaking my wrist!” I snap back. I knew I would also regret saying that as well. “No,.... well kind of...never mind it doesn’t matter.I-I got to go!” he says in a rush. “I can drive you home if you want.” I say with guilt. “With your wrist in that condition...I don’t think so I’ll drive you home.” He says with tears dripping down his cheeks. They looked like little diamonds that were under a layer of his skin. It was beautiful. He for once looked innocent. I pull back my thoughts. What am I saying? He just hurt me. I pull my body backwards.

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