12 year old Lizzie hasn't seen her mom since she was 1. What was the family mystery she had uncoverd.


1. why???

The darkness grew. It grew bigger, and bigger every night.The door opened, and she yelled “Number 2!!!” I looked up in disbelief . Her boney hands grabbed the collar of my dress, and she yanked me into the bathtub. She scrubbed my hair braided it and put me in a pink frilly dress. She walks me out into the “room.” and seats me in a big chair in front of 2 men. They whisper as I pull down on the collar of my dress. “She is the one they said together.” I looked at the floor in confusion. “What do they mean.” But now it is clear to me. They were using me as an experiment. Just because I was born with wings. I was locked in another cold dark room as soon as we got there. Then I fell something, or someone kick me. “Ouch!!! ” I shrieked but stomach was throbbing. “Oh I’m sorry!” He said fear on his face. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yeah but, my stomach hurts still.” It was silent for the rest of the night. Then the door opened“It can’t be.” I said to myself “ It just cant be” I look up teary eyed. I knew it was her. It had to be her. It was her. I shot up joy, and excitement in my tear filled eyes. “ MOM!!!” I yelled. “Lizzie!” she said tears dripping down her face. “Why mom why did you keep me in the orphanage?” I asked now that I got the chance to. “ To have a better money income.” “Why did you wait until now to get me?” I asked concerned where this was heading. “ So the lab can experiment on you.” she said not a trace of sorrow left on her face. She had that smile. The smile I knew too well. The smile that killed my father. I ran back into the room, and closed the door. Then cried now knowing she killed my father. I closed my eyes tears now flowing out of my eyes like a waterfall. I tried sleeping but couldn’t help but think she was watching me.

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