It Started in London

London, 2010. Anna has finally decided to try out for the X Factor after lond discussing with her friends. She does really well until the accident. Anna is forced to quit X Factor and take care of her constantly drunk step-father instead. She thinks that nothing good will ever happen in her life anymore until he pops up out of the blue. The one and only, Niall James Horan, the sweet Irish boy from the X Factor with the angel-like voice. Was she wrong about nothing good happening again?


1. Prologue

You see, I'm simple. I have mid-length brown hair and green eyes. People tend to say that my eyes are beautiful but I still see them as plain.  I'm half Italian and half German, although I always say I'm English because I spent my life here. Well, nothing really ever happens to me. Ever. Well, at least not until now. This is my story...


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