It Started in London

London, 2010. Anna has finally decided to try out for the X Factor after lond discussing with her friends. She does really well until the accident. Anna is forced to quit X Factor and take care of her constantly drunk step-father instead. She thinks that nothing good will ever happen in her life anymore until he pops up out of the blue. The one and only, Niall James Horan, the sweet Irish boy from the X Factor with the angel-like voice. Was she wrong about nothing good happening again?


9. Chapter 6


          -Niall's Point of view-

I'm nervous. Really nervous. Soooo nervous. 

"Nialler, stop worrying. Honestly. You're the best singer I know!" 

Greg said while punching my shoulder in a friendly way. I smiled weakly, "Thanks man" Just then an interviewer came up to me and started asking me to tell him what I want to reach with singing. I thought about it and then nodded to myself, answering,

"I want to be a big name in the world, like Beyoncé or Justin Bieber is a perfect example! I've been compared to him a few times and its not about comparison . I want to sell out arenas, make an album, and work with some of the best artist in the world! Today is the start of it all, if I get through today, it's game on!" 

The camera turned off, and the interviewer smiled, patted my shoulder and said, "Good luck lad!" I grinned and made my way backstage. Game on Niall Horan.

I was watching the girl before me audition. She was damn beautiful, I simply couldn't focus on what my brother and parents were telling me. 

"You understand Niall? Niall? NIALL?!" 

I snapped out of my staring session, "Huh? What? Oh yeah yeah, I understand" I lied.

I turned back to face the girl. She was amazing. She sang Titanium, one of my favorite songs, and she sounded much better than Sia herself! I listened to the judges tell her how amazing she was, and I smiled. She deserved it more than anyone else here. I was on.

I introduced myself to the judges and started to sing. I had prepared the song So Sick by Neyo and Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heros and Adam Levine as a back up. "I started to sing the first verse of the song and a few people got up and were clapping their hands together. I even heard a couple of girls screaming, which of course, as a boy, made me smile to my self.

I sang the song, and I felt quite confident. I was done quicker then I had expected. Now, I just had to wait what the judges would say to me. 

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