It Started in London

London, 2010. Anna has finally decided to try out for the X Factor after lond discussing with her friends. She does really well until the accident. Anna is forced to quit X Factor and take care of her constantly drunk step-father instead. She thinks that nothing good will ever happen in her life anymore until he pops up out of the blue. The one and only, Niall James Horan, the sweet Irish boy from the X Factor with the angel-like voice. Was she wrong about nothing good happening again?


5. Chapter 3

          --Anna POV--

I was so pissed off at Sophia. How could she? She knew exactly how insecure I am about my voice! I was deep in my thoughts when Sophia caught up with me.

"Listen Anna, I know you probably hate me now," She said calmly, beging, "but if you would just think about it, this could be your chance to show the world what an amazing voice you have! Please Anna, think about it at least? I can't quit for you anymore. Please?"

I snorted and just kept up my rapid pace. I knew she was right about trying to prove that my voice was good, but to the whole UK? I didn't think so.

"Anna?" she now stood infront of me, blocking my way. She gave my one of her looks. That look could get a girl to start crying, a murder stop killing, a boy to fall in love with her, and most of all, convince somebody to do something. I sighed because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't resist those deep dark blue eyes.

"Fine, I'll do it! But if I just make a fool out of my self, I'm blaming you!" She squeeled and practically threw herself at me. I just laughed, hating my self for letting her win, once again. 

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