It Started in London

London, 2010. Anna has finally decided to try out for the X Factor after lond discussing with her friends. She does really well until the accident. Anna is forced to quit X Factor and take care of her constantly drunk step-father instead. She thinks that nothing good will ever happen in her life anymore until he pops up out of the blue. The one and only, Niall James Horan, the sweet Irish boy from the X Factor with the angel-like voice. Was she wrong about nothing good happening again?


3. Chapter 2

         --After School--

I was doing my super annoying math homework when my phone lighted up and started beeping. 'Hey An, wanna meet up at starbucks at 5ish? I got something to tell u!! x' Sophia texted me on whatsapp. I smiled and texted back, 'Sure ill be there! :) <3' I glanced at the small silver clock that stood on the window sill. I let out a small sigh, I have to wait two more hours.

          --Two hours later... Sophia's POV--

 I was shuffling around in the metal, relatively uncomfortable, chair outside Starbucks sipping my Caramel Frappuccino, feeling nervous about how Anna was going to react to the news. I was staring into no were, planning out how I was going to tell her when someone squeezed my shoulder from behing me. I gave out a little yelp and spun around, getting ripped out of my day-dream session. And there stood Anna with a big grin stuck on her face. I sent her a death-glare, motioning her to sit down on the opposite chair. She just chuckled and sat down settling in her chair.

"So, you wanted to tell me something really important?" She asked me, breaking the silence.

"Um, yeah... So, um... I..." I mumbled, cursing myself for forgetting how I was going to tell her.

"Sophia, what did you do?"She asked me very slowly.

Oh boy, how much I hated it when she was that calm and relaxed all. the. damn. time.

"Well, I'll just make this quick I guess." I started, clearing my throat. "So, we all know how much you love singing and music, and believe me, you have an amazing voice so I, well I..." I said quickly and took a deep breath, "I signed you up for the X Factor"

While I had been talking, Anna had grabbed my drink. She now was choking on the Frappuccino and coughing uncontrollably. A few minutes later, when the coughing fit ended, she whispered in a raspy voice,

"You did what?"

I felt terrible. I knew I should have asked her earlier on, but I had known that she would have said no. I looked down on on my lap and bit my lip, my long hair cloaking in my face.

"I signed you up for the X Factor auditions in March. Please dont be mad at me, I saw a big poster in town saying, 'X Factor Auditions in March 2010, Audition now!', I instantly thought of you and I couldn't resist it soI just signed you up! I'm sorry!" I bursted out looking everywhere but her eyes, because I knew that if eyes could kill, her camouflage colored eyes could.

"Sophia, why didn't you just ask me before you sign me up for some shit like that! I know you're basically like my sister, but you can't just do something like that! You know how much I hate singing infront of people! Heck, the only people I have every sang infront of is you, Samira and Ms.Green! What will my parents say when they find out? My dad will kill me!" She yelled her voice getting louder with every word she said.

I saw people staring at us with the corner of my eye. "Hey Anna, can we go somewhere else to discuss this? People are watching..." I whispered to her.

She just got up without answering me and rushed off. I threw a ₤10 on the table and hurried after her. I clearly had some convincing to do. Awesome, great job Sophia.

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