It Started in London

London, 2010. Anna has finally decided to try out for the X Factor after lond discussing with her friends. She does really well until the accident. Anna is forced to quit X Factor and take care of her constantly drunk step-father instead. She thinks that nothing good will ever happen in her life anymore until he pops up out of the blue. The one and only, Niall James Horan, the sweet Irish boy from the X Factor with the angel-like voice. Was she wrong about nothing good happening again?


2. Chapter 1

I trudge down the streets of London with my hoody pulled down low and the rain pounding down on me. My drenched black Toms make squishing noises as I stumble past large dark buildings. At the far end of the quite long road is my version of absolute hell. School. I check my watch and see that I have around two minutes to sit in class with my books ready and a fake smile plastered on my face, pretending I enjoy learning about algebra and Physics. I shrug my bag onto the right position on my back and jog towards school.

          --In first break--

"Hey Anna, wait  up!"

I turn to see one of my best friends, Samira jog up to meet me in the corridor, shoving passing kids to the side to get through. I smile and give her a small wave.

"Whats up?" I ask her as she catches up to me.

"Nothing much really, just a little stress at home between Mom and Dad. You?"

I sighed, her family ALWAYS has trouble. I had offered her to move to my my hows at least one million times but she always answered the same, 'When we're 18, and then it'll only be Sophia, you and I'. Sophia is by the way my other best friend, she was just talkative, and crazy. Absolutely bat-shit crazy. She did everything she wasn't supposed to do, but Samira and I have been doing an awesome job  in 'taming' her. Samira was different to all of us. Sometimes she was just strange and at other times, she gave the best advice in the world. I just shrugged, because nothing interesting really happens to me. She chuckled knowingly, and then squealed, and grabbed my hand while dragging me towards Sophia. She was hard to look over, along with her long wavy blonde hair and big blue eyes and her height. She was around 177, so 3cm taller than me. Samira on the other hand was about 169 tall and had a bit below shoulder lengthed dark brown hair and brown eyes along with freckles. She spotted us and walked towards us with a big smile on her face.

"Why don't you look happy! What happened?"

She didnt give us an answer and just shrugged saying, "Oh its nothing, don't worry about it girls! You'll find out soon enough!"

I just peered at her with one eye-brow raised. I knew her since I was a baby in dippers and I knew that what ever she was hiding, it was something evil. Well, she did say we'd find out soon enough so what ever. I thought to my self. We chatted a little longer until the bell rang, screeching to life. I said bye to the others and made my way to the only lesson were I didn't have to fake my smile, music. I loved music more than almost anything in the world. Especially singing. Our teacher, Ms.Green, was an amazing singer and had won lots of prizes in singing competitions. I smiled brightly at her and sat down in the first row. Yeah, the first row. But only because I wasn't one of those kds who would text there boyfriends and girlfriends in music because apparently, 'You will never need it in your life' Ha! Well, I would because I already knew by now that I was going to study music and use music in my career later on. I am only in Grade 10, but yeah, I had my plans.

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