Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


11. what is going on? o.o???

Harry’s point of view

I heard a scream, and ran in. “Louis go home...” I mutter under my breath. He does as told. I hold her tight. What was going on? I couldn’t help her I f I didn’t know? Why did I find her in the alley way anyways? What went on? “It’s okay it’s only you, and me...” I told her as I heard the door close behind me. “Can you tell me what happened?” I ask. She nods in agreement. “We went to the garden mom made for just me, and her, and the one’s I love. We were having our date there. Then I told him the story mom told me, and about how she told me to find the scroll. He found it so I read it aloud. As I finished at the end she told me to find the other scroll she wrote. Louis found it, and handed it to me again I read it aloud. Along with the song she used to sing to us when we were tot’s remember it goes like this
Sing a song so bright, and warm, and let the bees buzz all around your head. Let the moon fade it’s had its days but, keep the sun still shining. Let your dream drift out your head. Lay your restless head in bed. I will be there to count sheep but, only when you go to sleep. Let the song sing loud, and bright, and pray you all sleep well tonight. I still sing this happy song I still sing it all night long. Nothing here is left to be said except for lay your sleepy head to bed. But, at he end of the song it was time to leave anyways. I cried, and he held me close, and as he did I felt my toes move a little. I was ecstatic about it. I tried to rush it, and almost fell until he caught me. I was angry at him because I wanted to try so hard. I wanted to walk agin but, he carried me to the car. I cried the way back. He set me in, and we just sat in the car for awhile. Until I asked him why? Why he wouldn’t let me walk. He protested, and said that it was stupid to try. Then I explained to him that I moved my toes. He looked happy. Then it fell silent again while we still sat in the car. Then he asked me if I had to a baby girl what I would name it. I said Collette of corse.” I smiled. “That was mums name.” “I know, and he said he didn’t like it. I asked him why? he relied saying it sounded like and old lady name. Of corse I cried because it hurt. I grabbed my crutches, and wobbled then fell then I yelled in frustration I yelled to mom “I AM SORRY MOMI LET YOU DOWN!!!” “HE WASN’T THE ONE!!!” Then I hobbled to the alley, and called you, and woke up here.” she said. WOW!!! That was a mouth full. I am so happy to hear that she can feel her legs. “Do you want to try walking when we get home? Because I can’t see it now. I got to go check you out. I will be right back.” “Okay.” she slumps back in the bed. I walk out to see Louis sitting on the floor in the fetal position. He was crying, and mumbling some that sounded like “I...don’” he looked miserable. He had red rings around his eyes. Probably from crying so hard. I knelt beside him. I whispered in his ear “It will probably blow over before you know it.” I said. “Really?” he said looking up at me. “Yeah! Now I got to go and check her out, and bring her back

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