Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


2. well then

(Louis point of view)

Kassie ends up pushing me off the couch. I try not to make a big deal of it. I accept the fact that I was pushed off the couch, and just lay there curled up in a ball. But, before returning to my slumber I go pick Harry up from under her, and put him on my bed since my room was closer I put him down on my bed. I turn around to go get Kassie. I pick her up, and set her next to Harry on my bed. I put his arm around her. She grabbed me by my waist still asleep, and  says “Your my Tommo, and you will never leave me alone ever.” Then she screams in her sleep. “HARRY!!!” It woke him up but she was still asleep. He shook her awake, and held her close saying “I’m here don’t worry. I will never leave you alone.” Me, and him exchanged confused looks. I walk out of the room Harry still holding her in his arms. She is still asleep. “I am worried about her.” he says very worried. “Should we ask Zayn to talk to him, and have him diagnose her problem.” “Okay, I’ll call him up.” says Harry still in shock. He put Kassie on my lap. She squirms at my touch. I lay my hand on the top of her head smoothing out her frizzing hair. I guess my touch woke her up. She doesn’t scream she gets up, and falls to the floor. “HARRY!!!” I scream she isn’t moving. He runs up stairs, and looks franticly around the room, and found Kassie on the floor not moving at all. She gets up. She looks possessed. She walks into the kitchen like a zombie. She opens the cabinets, and pulls out every piece of dish where I own. She lines up every dish in a line on the counter. She grabs two cups, and heads into the living room. She stands about four feet in front of me. She screams some kind of gibberish that I can’t understand. Then she starts to throw the cups at us. We dodge them. She goes into the kitchen, and grabs more dishes, and chucks them at us. Then she falls to the floor. I run to her side, and pick her up. “Call Zayn, and get him up here NOW!!!” I yell putting a lot of pressure on the word “now...” Zayn gets here in about two minutes. “Where is the problem child?” he says trying to sound funny. But, this was no laughing matter. I point to the kitchen floor. We both kneel beside her. “Kassie....can you hear me? Kassie?” “Yeah?” she replied. Oh my gosh she is awake. “Kassie!” yells Harry. “I am so glad you are okay!” he says with tears in his eyes. “Why wouldn’t I be okay?” she asks obviously oblivious of what had just happened. “Kassie.. you mean you don’t remember what had just happened like five seconds ago?” he asks shocked. “No! What happened?” she asks. “Harry can I explain to her what happened alone?” I ask him, and Zayn. “Well...yeah I would probably help her understand what happened.” he says tears still streaming down his face. “Why don’t you sleep at Zayn’s house tonight so I can keep a close eye on her to diagnose the situation.” I say blushing a little. “Okay...I will check on you two tomorrow.” He says a little cautious. It has been a long time since I was able to do something to help Harry out. I look over to see her asleep on the kitchen floor. I pick her up, and lay her on my bed. She looks so adorable when she is sleeping. She looks like a little sleeping kitten. Wait! What am I thinking!?!?!?! She is Harry’s little sister!!! But, still. I start to blush again. Why do I feel like this? I love her so much but she probably doesn’t feel the same. She grabs my waist again. “DON’T LEAVE ME TOMMO!!!” she screams in her sleep. I give up, and let her pull me into the bed. Her arms are constricting me. But, I don’t care to bother her. She pulls me tighter, and tighter with each second I’m laying there. I don’t care. As long as she feels okay, and safe. She lifts her head,and kisses me on the lips. I am shocked, and surprised at that. She finally lets me go. I get up, and stay on video chat with Harry for awhile. I explained to him that she kissed me in her sleep. All he said after I told him was “Don’t you be going and kissing on my sister.” he says with sarcasm in his voice. She walks out, and goes to the computer screen, and asks me to leave the room.

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