Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


7. wasn't expected...

(Louis point of view)

“Okay so you, and your mum’s house is still in Cheshire. Right?” she nods. “My cat probably isn’t there anymore.” she says looking sad again. “Well how about I get you a new kitty cat on your birthday. By the way when is your birthday?” I ask just so I can get her a love filled present that shows her how I feel. “My birthday is December 24th.” she says. I try not to blush. But I can already tell that I failed at that part. “Mine too.” I say. “”WOW!!!” she says in amazement. “What do you want for your birthday?” she asks. “You... I only want you for my birthday, and christmas.” I blush I look over, and she is also blushing too! I stop the car. She turns to look at me. “I love you Kassie... I really hope you feel the same.” “I do feel the same...I have those same feelings...So do you...want to go on a date tomorrow?” “Sure I would love that...” I say back. I lean in, and kiss her on the cheek. I start my way back on the road to her, and her mum’s old house. We pull in to an old driveway. The house was different from the pictures Kassie showed me. I think she did that so no one would worry. She wheels up to the door, and tries to open the door. But it ends up falling off it’s hinges. I jump back from the sound. But, she didn’t. She must have been used to it. We walk into an old empty house. I creeks with each step I took. She leads me to her room. Almost nothing. She did say that she didn’t have a job, and her mother wasn’t well at getting a job her self. All that was in her room was a small cut out picture from a magazine of Harry, and one of me. That was the first thing she took from her almost empty room. She then walked to her closet. She pulls out a bunch of old burnt, and crisp pictures. “From the fire...” she says a little on the down side. “Oh thats right!” I say. She wheels up to me, and hugs me. “Please don’t leave me all alone in this world. The only people I have for family is you, and maybe Harry.” she pleads. “I would never think of it!” I say shocked. She wheels away to a corner of the room. She opens something. She pulls a small leather box out of the wall. She stars to go toward the door. I have to pick up her wheel chair, and carry her up the stairs. Before we head out of the door she asks me to go over to a small corner of the room, and lift a floor board, and pick up a jar out from under the floor board. “Don’t drop it!” she says. I must be something important if she is that worried. “Louis...this is my father. Louis.” she says probably still wishing for him to be alive. “Sorry my phone is going off.” she says. “Hi Harry! I have someone you would love to see come meet me at the old house. It may not look like it used to okay so don’t freak!” I can hear Harry on the other end of the phone. “Harry is on his way!” she says hesitant but still happy. “Okay lets stay here for now.” I say. I stay by her. After about twenty minutes of waiting Harry showed up. “Hi Louis! Is this who you wanted me to see?” he says still mad at her. “No...this is.” she says handing him the jar of her dad’s ashes. “Who is this?” he asks. “It’s dad!” she says getting a little on the snappy side. “I was waiting for when I ever saw you again so we could spread his ashes together!” she said. Harry starts to cry. “I-I am soo sorry Kassie.” “Yeah you probably feel like a huge jerk now huh?!” she says still snappy. “Where do you want to spread him?” asks Harry. “Well I was thinking that maybe we could spread his ashes by his old garden.” Harry goes to the back of the house. I pick her wheel chair up, and put her down at the bottom of the stairs. She wheels her self to the back of the house. She grabs a handful of her dads ashes, and lets him go. His ashes floating in the wind cover the yard in a shadow of his ashes. It was a sad, and yet beautiful sighting.

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