Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


9. this was unexpected

Louis Point Of View

Oh no! she is crying. I mentally slap myself awake. I grab her with my warm embrace welcoming her. She stops crying. I am glad. When she cries then that makes me cry, and I don’t like crying. She pulls away, and she stuffs the two scrolls in her purse. “Lets go.” she trying to stand but, ends up falling. I jump in front of her, and catch her before she hits the ground. “Where do you think your going?” I ask her in a fatherly tone. “Trying to walk!” she says back. “Don’t you give me that sour face of yours.” I say handing her the crutches Harry bought her. She groans but, listens. We get to the car, and I help her in. I run in front of the car, and hop into my side. “DUDE!? WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!?!” she yells at me. “First of all my name isn’t dude, and second of all what do you mean?” I snap back knowing I was going to get heck from Harry later. “I almost had it...” she says. I did’t get it. “What did you almost have?” I ask. “When we were talking...I...could feel my legs again!” she said hesitantly. “Well you could have told me that before you tried to run a marathon!” I yelled. Ha! Marathon. Come on Louis now isn’t the time to have your own secret fun time. I mentally slap myself again. She was looking at me confused. “What?” I asked. “Why did you slap our self!” she laughed. I did that for real. Ouch yeah I am starting to feel the pain. Ha! Payne! That is Liam’s last name! Oh my god Louis stop having your own fun time god you have issues. You need to see a mental doctor don’t you. God Louis you are so stupid. Oh look it’s Kevin. Oh never mind that was his brother Devin. Oh look I see something shiny by Kassie. Oh it’s her earring. I want to touch it. It is so shiny, and pretty. I look away. Man the boys weren't kidding when they said I had issues huh? Oh well I need to stop blabbering to myself. “Kassie...” I say in a sorta creepy way. God what is wrong with me? “Yeah?” she says. Her face looked unsure. “If we got married, and had a kid what would you name it if it was a girl?” “I would name her Collette why?” she asked. “Well I don’t like that name at all!” I say back.  “Why what is there to hate about that name?” she asked me. “It sounds like an old lady name.” I stated. “That...that was my mothers name...h-how...ugh” she yelled as she got out of the car, and took her crutches with her. “I AM SORRY MOM I LET YOU DOWN!!!” she yelled at the top of her lungs. “HE WASN’T THE ONE!!!” she yelled. I just noticed how much I had hurt her. How will I explain this to Harry.

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