Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


1. the news

(Kassie’s point of view)

My mom calls me down stairs with a gut wrenching scream “KASSIE!!!” “I’m coming...god.” I mutter under my breath. “Well a letter came in for you maybe it is from your brother.” she says still half asleep. “Yay! Harry’s in town, and wanted to meet up at nandos. Sorry mom gotta go.” I say running out the door still in my pajamas. I take the car. You can tell my mom used it because it smells like foundation, and eyeliner. I pull out my cell phone, and redial Harry’s number. “Hey, hey sis!” “Hey, hey bro!” I say back. “How’s mom?” “As boring as usual.” I say laughing. “Well I’m bringing the boys with me ok?” “Yay! I get to see my babes.” “Yes you do!” “Hi Louis!” I say. At least he can’t see me blushing through the phone. But, then I forgot I was on video phone. “Where is my chunky monkey. I haven’t seen his cute face in forever.” I say pulling out of the drive way. I set my phone on the stand I bought for the car. I video chat with Niall till I get there. Then he screams. “KASSIE’S HERE!!!” he says with joy, and hunger in his eyes.  I can tell my day is going to be hectic. I order a mountain dew with a burger, and Niall orders almost everything on the menu. After we polished off our meals we started heading to Harry’s flat to hang out. “I should probably call mom, and tell her i am spending the night.” “Okay.” Harry says flipping his hair back out of his eye range. Louis starts to grin really wildly. “What?” I ask him while he gives me one of his creepy looks. “Oh nothing. But, I hope you know Harry live’s at my place.” “Really?” I look at Harry confused. He nods. I start to blush. “AWW!!! MY LITTLE SISTER HAS A CRUSH ON BOO BEAR!!!” “NO.I.DON’T!” I yell at him infuriated. I really hate it when he can read me like an open book. “Kassie..” whispers Liam. “Yeah...” I answer back. “Video chat with me at 2 o clock” “But it is 2 o clock right now...” I say trying not to laugh. “Ok lets ask harry if you can sleep over my house tonight.” he says trying not to sound awkward. “Harry can I sleep over at Liams flat tonight?” “NO!!!” yells Louis. “Why are you answering for my brother?” He runs out of the room yelling “I NEED TO THINK ABOUT SOMETHING GO AHEAD, AND SLEEP OVER LIAMS!!!” he screams. “See yah bro...” “See yah sis...” I walk across the street hand in hand with Liam. We get inside and sit on the couch. “So you know how I told you that you could tell me anything?” he says joy in his eyes. “Yeah, and should I be afraid to where this conversation is going?” “VERY!!!” he yells. I try to run away but he had got me by the waist. He picks me up, and runs over to Louis pool, and holds me over it. “NO JIMMY PROTESTED!!!” I yelled screaming for Harry. Harry comes running out to see Liam holding me over the pool. Liam smiles like he is going to kill me. “WHAT DO YOU WANT???” I ask screaming at the top of my lungs. “Funny you should ask that.” he says right as the boys start running onto the patio. “I want to ask you a question, and then I’ll let you go!” he says. “OKAY!!! ANY QUESTION!!!” I say not paying attention to what I am saying. “Okay, tell me. Do you have a crush on Louis?” “YES!!!” I scream then I realized what i just said.  “PUT!ME!DOWN!” I scream. “Okay whatever you say.” he says as he loosens his grip on my leg. He dropped me into the ice cold pool in the middle of winter. I start to cry and try to jump out. Liam tries to help me out. I scream at him to leave me alone, and tell everyone except Harry to go inside the house. I needed Harry to help me out. I needed him to be there for me when I was freezing, and crying my butt off. He coddles me like from when I was a baby. I missed those days where he was always there. I cry letting all my emotions out, an for once he is there to listen to me. “Lets get you inside, and in some clean, and dry clothes.” he says carrying me inside. We walk in, and Louis is in front of us with a towel. He is speechless. I hide my face in Harry’s neck trying to tell him to ignore the towel he was handing us. He understood, and just walked away, and into Harry’s room. “Here.” he says setting a pile of his clothes on the counter in his bathroom. “Take a warm shower to get your blood pumping.” he said with worry in his eyes. I sneeze “Okay....” I said with tears running down my face. “I’ll leave you to that I guess.” he says with rising anger in his throat. He leaves the room. It is quiet for a while. Then I heard harry yelling at Liam. I run out of the room still in my soaking wet clothes. They are outside. I kneel by the window, and listen to their somewhat secret fight. I only just realized that Louis was out there to. Harry is telling them both never to hurt me again or go near me for a very long time. I run back to Harry’s bathroom. I peel off my clothes, and step into the shower. I start to sing a one direction song while in the shower. Darn you brain. It doesn’t really bother me because I am as good as singing as Harry. I continue to sing but it is the song called “Fall for you by secondhand serenade.” I jump out of the shower , and go put on the pile of clothes he set out for me. I realize the shirt he laid out for me said “I LOVE HARRY” in huge letters. I walk out to see Harry smiling widely at me. “That shirt suits you!” he says with pride. I run up to him, and hug him. “I LOVE YOU HAZZA!!!” I scream. “That is how I got the nickname Hazza.” he says smiling at me again with his brotherly smile that I love so much. “YEP! I didn’t now how to say Harry when I was younger so I called him Hazza!” I say with pride. He kisses me on the top of my head. I feel safe when he kisses my head. He smiles again, and hugs me close as soon as Liam, and Louis walk in. I start to cry again remembering that incident. “Don’t worry...” he whispers in my ear. “Go, and run into my room...” he orders with a whispered voice. I listen to his demand, and run into his room, and hide under his bed. He runs in after me, and yells my name. I grab his foot which makes him scream like a little girl. I poke my head out from his bed. “Hi Harry!” I say trying not to laugh. “Oh it’s you.” he says relief in his voice. Louis ran into Harry’s room, and sees me under Harry’s bed “Look Kassie I’m sorry for-” I cut him off with my cry. Harry looks upset at him. I can’t blame Harry because he was in shock. But, Louis should have stopped  Liam. So there for I can see why Harry is mad at them both. Harry leaves the room, and locks me, and Louis in there till we make up. I start to scream. I start to run in the bathroom. I lock the bathroom door, and sit in the tub, and shut the curtains. “Kassie I know you are upset, and embarrassed about this” he says in a very sorry voice. I start to cry, and whine. “But I wanted to let you know that you don’t have to be embarrassed about this.I am going to sit on Harry’s bed until you want to come out of the bathroom. I am not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to okay?” “Okay...” I say still not sure. “But before I come out of the bathroom, and before I unlock this door....tell me one thing.” “Okay. Anything.” Here I go. Here goes nothing. “Do you feel the same?” “The same about what?” “About what happened earlier?” I ask. “Well I wouldn’t be locked in here with you for no reason now would I?” I know I must’ve sounded like a bumbling fool. “I must’ve sounded like an idiot a second ago huh?” “Not really.” he said sounding his most normal self in a while. “Well that’s good to hear.” I unlock the bathroom door, and he is standing there with a big grin on his face the smile I knew so well. He picked me up, and put me over his shoulder, and run out into the living room laughing. He sets me down in the kitchen. “Can you please make some homemade macaroni, and cheese?” he asked. As soon as Niall heard the words macaroni, and cheese that’s when he lost it. “Yay! MAC, AND CHEESE!!!” “Does anybody else want any?” I ask. Every one nods. I pull out two pots, and put water in one, and put the cheese in another pot. I melted the cheese, and boiled the noodles. I pulled out four bowls, and one cup. I hand the cup to Liam. “Thank you Kassie!” He shook some of the mac, and cheese into his mouth. “I have no problem helping you with your weirdness.” He smiles, and continues his dinner. There was no mac, and cheese left over from the boys dinner so I look around I spot some fruit in the fridge. I guess a fruit salad will do for now. I start to cut up the fruit. Harry comes into the kitchen, and helps me cut up the fruit, and put it in the bowl I set out. “Dad’s recipe?” he asks. “Yeah. I really miss him.” I say swallowing my sadness. “Well he would be proud of you for making this, and making it look so beautiful.” he said. “I know!” I said feeling proud. I finish up, and walk into the living room, and sit down next to Harry, and Louis. Harry steals a piece of apple out of my bowl. Louis steals an orange slice. I laugh. “What?” asks Louis. “You two are snacking off of my dinner!” I say laughing. “Oh sorry!” He said recoiling his hand which was going for another piece of fruit. “It’s okay!” I say smiling. “I can’t eat a huge bowl of fruit by my self.” I say. “I hate fruit!” says Niall. “I know Niall. That is why I made you some homemade chocolate pudding in the fridge. Go look!” I say laughing when he falls from slipping on the kitchen floor. “I’m good!” He says crying slash laughing. “I WANT ONE TOO!!!” yells Louis. He runs slipping on the spot Niall slipped on. I laugh even harder. “It’s nice...” says Harry. “What’s nice?” I ask him looking confused. “It’s nice seeing you smile. I haven’t seen you smile like this since we were tot’s. I love seeing your smile.” He says smiling. I guess my smile looks a lot like his. “Yeah!” yells Louis. “I can’t go one day without seeing you smiling. It kills me on the inside!” he says looking more serious than I have ever seen him before. “Thanks a lot guys. You all make my day. Especially Harry!” I say. We put in Toy story after debating on what to watch for a movie for like one hour. I fell asleep on Harry, and Louis fell asleep on me. I ended up pushing him off the couch, and onto the floor. He doesn’t awake from his grizzly like slumber. He just curls up into a ball, and sleeps on the floor.

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