Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


12. should i??? -.-???

Kassie’s point of view

It is so quiet, and peaceful. I want it to stay this way forever with mom, dad, me, and Harry. But, I promised mom that I would let death take its corse.. I see something in the corner of m eye glimmer, and shine. Harry left his pocket knife on the hospital desk. I grab it. I am wearing a sweater. I roll up the sleeves as I cut my forearm. I feel the pain flow out of me. It felt so good. I was life could stay like this. I did this over, and over about 17 times then I wiped it of, and put it in my pocket. I wipe down the cuts, and pull my sleeve down. That should do until we get home. I can feel the cuts slowly pulling together. To me it felt like heaven. I hear the door creek open. It is Nialler. He pulls me into a bear hug. I smile at his warmth. He pulls away. “What is that in your purse? Is that Harry’s pocket knife?”  “Yeah he left it on the desk so I took it so he didn’t forget it.” “Okay but, you promise that is what it was doing in your purse right.” I was always bad at telling lies. But, I somehow slipped bye him. He smiled at sat down next to me. I looked at my left forearm. I guess he noticed, and pulled up my sleeve. “OW!” I screech. “Why? Why did you do this to yourself?” he said really mad. “Because it felt good. I don’t want you to tell anyone. Promise me.” he looks at the floor. “Fine but, I will be checking your forearms everyday. No getting away from it. One slip up, and I tell Harry.” “Fine!” I yell. The door starts to creek open, and Harry walks in. I smile. He picked me up, and set me on my feet. I wobble but, step by step I am getting closer to the door. I walk out into the hallway, and see Louis sitting on the floor in the hallway crying. He looks up to see me walking. “I told you!” I say looking at him madly. He gets up, and hugs me. I start to lose my balance as I pull away from him. I am still mad at him. He looks at me shocked. I walk fast back to the car. I squeeze between Zayn, and Liam. I smile as I see the look on their face’s. Liam hugs me so tight that it hurts. Zayn pulls me into an even tighter hug. They let me go as soon as Harry, Louis, and Niall get into the car. Louis wipes his tears from his eyes. Did I make him cry? Oh god now I feel sick. I am with too many people. Oh god I need to throw up! I fling open the car door, and I jump out of the car, and run into the hospital bathroom. I let it all flow out. It tastes so gross but, it feels so good. I think I will cut myself, and be bulimic. It feels good to let all of my problems flow out. “Kassie! Are you okay!?!?!?” It is Harry. “Yeah I just don’t like being around too many people.” I say. I look at myself in the mirror, and wipe the throw up off of my face. I walk out of the bathroom with red rings around my eyes. “Can you get Niall I want to walk home with him.” I ask batting my lashes. “Okay I will be right back.” he says running out the door. I pull a cup out off the towering pile of paper cups. I put hot water in it, and swish my mouth out, and spit it in the sink. I pull the pack of gum out of my pocket. I pick out two pieces out of its colorful package. There now my breath doesn’t smell, and I got that awful taste out of my mouth. I walk out of the bathroom, and Niall is standing there waiting for me. He smiles showing me his braces. He is so cute. We start walking out of the hospital. “Niall please be honest is the reason you care for me so much because you love me?” he looks at as if he wasn’t expecting it.

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