Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


3. okay???

(Kassie’s point of view)


I ask him to please leave the room. I go over to the computer screen, and yell at Harry, and tell him to come home. “NO!!!” he says which shocks me because he has never said no to me before. “Just because your a year older doesn’t mean you can act like a brat!!!” I tell him with irritation on my voice. “Look I only left because Louis was going to watch you through the night to make sure you don’t destroy anything else!” he says with worry in his eyes. “Why what did I do?” I ask confused. “Are you in the living room?” he asks with his voice trembling. “Yeah but what does that have to do with me?” I say snapping at him. “Look at the floor by the fire place.” he says. I look at the fire place. “I-I don’t ever remember doing this!” I snap back again. “You did though!” Harry starts to cry. “I cant believe this!” I say in shock. I start to fell dizzy. It starts going black. All I remember of that moment is me hitting the floor, and hearing someone screaming my name over, and over again. “I know this voice!” I think to myself. “It is Louis!” I say. I am not sure if I’m blushing. Lets hope not. My face is getting wet! Why can I feel water on my face? I open my eyes. Why am I outside in the rain? I look up to my left. Oh my gosh! It’s Louis. “Stop...” I say hoping he can hear me. He stops, and looks down at me. “Oh my gosh! You are awake!” he says starting to cry tears of relief. I think. “What happened?” I ask. “You had a panic attack.” he says still crying. “Really? I don’t remember!” I say a little embarrassed. “Well I am still taking you to the doctor.” he says with a protesting tone in his voice. “Okay but, where is Harry?” “He is meeting us there.” he says still looking worried. I just noticed he was running in the rain to take me to the doctors. Now I feel guilty, embarrassed, and now I think I am blushing. My cell phone stars going off. “What is that sound?” he asks surprised. “Shhh. I am on the phone!” I say trying not to laugh at him. He put me down on the side walk. “Hello?” a woman said. “Yes?” I reply. “Are you Kassie Styles?” “Yes this is she.” I say. “I’m sorry.” she says. I don’t know what she said after that because I just fall to my knees. “KASSIE!!!” he yells.

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