Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


5. oh no!!! o.o

(Harry’s point of view)

“Is there something she’s not telling us?” Asks Louis. Maybe he is right maybe there is something she isn’t telling us. “I can’t do it anymore...” she says. “Can’t do what anymore?” I ask. “She’s been gone for awhile I just haven’t told you....” she says. “Who’s been gone for awhile, and why didn’t you tell me?” I ask afraid of her answer. “You know how you asked about how mom was yesterday..?” she says still trembling. “Yeah but, what does that have to do with anything.... wait! Whats wrong with mom?” I ask still afraid of her answer. “She has been ill with a deadly disease, and the doctor called, and said mom died. Don’t get mad at me. I only kept it from you because you always so busy, and I didn’t think you would want that in your head all the time. So I took care of her. Now the doctor just called asking me to get checked for the disease. What do I do Harry? I’m scared.” I regret asking her all those questions. “Well first of all you never shouldn’tve have kept that away from me! Second of all of corse I’m gonna worry! Third of all we need to get you to a doctor to get checked out!” I say. Wow! I never knew I could say such a mouth full of words in my life! I pull her out of Louis arms, and run to my car. All the thoughts going through my mind like “Oh my gosh my sister may have a deadly disease!” or the most famous “If she gets out of this alive I am soo going to kick her butt!” She screeches which makes me swivel on the ice rain road. I look over to see her holding her arm to her side. “It’s fine...” she says obviously shaking. “Just tell me, and promise me you will never tell me a lie ever again.” she nods. “Well I can’t feel my legs...” she says right as we pull into the doctors office. “We have and appointment for Kassie!” I say still shaking holding her in my arms. “Room 2!” Says the red frizzy haired lady behind the desk. “Thank you!” I say. I bust open the door to room two, and set her down on the examination table. I sit with her to keep her upright. The doctor comes in. “Hello doctor......” “Howard...Dr. Howard.” he says. “We um have found negative results for the disease but, she is, and will be paralyzed for the rest of her life. We will give you guys a wheel chair but, Good luck helping her through this.” he says, and walks of leaving the wheel chair behind. I flip the chairs. “STOP!!!” she yells. “NO JIMMY PROTESTED!!!” I yell trying not to laugh at what I just said. “BECAUSE IF YOU WOULD HAVE TOLD ME SOONER WE COULD’VE GOT YOU HELP, AND YOU WOULDN’T HAVE ENDED UP LIKE THIS!!!” I look at her, and she is crying. “IT’S ALL MY FAULT FOR NOT NOTICING THIS PROBLEM EARLIER!!!” I pick her up, and set her in the wheel chair. “I’m sorry. I understand if you hate me....” “Don’t be acting crazy...” I say feeling guilty. “Lets just go home...”

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