Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


8. lov is hard...</3

(Kassie’s point of view)

He didn’t look so much as mad as he did happy, and sad. Harry turns to me. He picks me up, and kisses my head. Now I feel safe. “Harry...” I say wondering how he will react to me moving into his, and Louis house. “Yeah...” he says smiling at me. “Are you sleeping at Louis house tonight?” I ask still shaky. “Yeah.” “Good I am going to need your help getting ready for my date.” “Who is your date?” “I will tell you later.” I say. “Oh, and Harry I am moving in with you, and Louis that is why I was here okay?” “Good I will be able to sleep at night knowing your safe.” “Louis I think I will ride home with Harry okay?” I wink at him. “Okay.” he winks back. “Okay bring my wheel chair to the car please Louis.” I ask fluttering my Long eyelashes. The feeling tickles my cheeks. Harry sets me down in the car. I wait until we get in the car, and start to drive off. “Okay so you wanted to know my dates name right?” I ask. “Yeah?” he looks at me with excitement in his eyes. “Well...” “Well.. what?” he asks. “Promise not to get mad?” I ask. “Yeah?” “Well it’s Louis...” “Okay.. but, if you come home crying because of him I’m not gonna hold back.” he looks over, and smiles at me. I smile back at him. “So you are going to help me get ready for the date tomorrow right?” “Well I don’t think you can do that your self now can you?” he was right. I couldn’t do all that on my own. We pull into the drive way at the same time as Louis. Louis carries me inside while Harry struggle to get my wheel chair out of the car. He finally walks in. “Well since she doesn’t have a bed she can sleep in my bed with me.” says Louis out of nowhere. “Okay but, no funny business.” says Harry with a huge smile. He carries me to Louis room, and helps me get me some of Louis sweatpants to wear. He also gave me one of his black tank tops to wear to bed.   “Aww! Hazza!!! I WAS GONNA WEAR THOSE PANTS TO BED!! Oh well I can wear a pair of your pants instead.” he screams running for Harry’s room. Harry runs after him. Louis comes back into the room with only his topman boxers on. “Harry took his pants back.” he said with a frowny face. “Well don’t try to steal his pants in the first place!” I say joking. “Don’t look I am changing!” he says taking his shirt off. I squeal, and burry my face in a pillow. He thumps onto the bed. I guessing he has his pajamas on because he starts to snuggle his head into my neck. Harry walks into the room, and kneels beside me. He nods at Louis. Then they both start singing little things into my ears. This soothes me. I feel safe. I must have fallen asleep because I wake up to the sound of thumping in the living room. Louis wasn’t in the bedroom. I crawl my way to Harry’s room. “Harry...” I whisper loud enough for it to wake him. “What?” he whispers back. “There is someone in the house. They are down stairs in the living room. I didn’t get a look at them but, all I know is that I can’t find Louis.” I say getting worried. “Oh.. yeah.. I forgot to tell you Louis sleep walks. It is probably him in the living room. Well let’s go see what he is up to in there.” He says grunting while he gets up. He picks me up. “Look at the time! Our date is at 10 o clock, and right now it’s 9 o clock!” I say panicking. “Look just calm down. I will go, and wake him up.” he walks into the living room, and sees Louis asleep in the living room on the floor. “Louis wake up!” says Harry shaking Louis up. “What time is it?” he asks worried. “9 o clock! Your date with my sister is in an hour!” he yelps. “Oh my god I got to get ready.” he says jumping up from the floor. I hear the sound of feet running to his room. Of corse my room is right next to Harry’s so he can easily help me get dressed. I hop into my wheelchair, and wheel myself to Harry’s room to ask him to help me. “Hey bro can you help me pick out an outfit?” I say giving him my oh so famous puppy dog eyes. He gives me his oh so famous cheeky smile. I laugh. He wheels me into my room, and goes straight to my dresser. He picks out five dresses. All of them are my favorites. He shows me his favorite. “Wow! You have good taste bro!” I say reaching for a hug. He see’s me struggling for that hug I so desperately wanted. He picks me up, and spins me around, and kisses my cheek. I try to pull away from his death grip but, he has a good grip on me. He sets me on the edge of my bed. He goes back into my dresser, and pulls out a pair of under wear, and a strapless bra. I nod. I ask him really questioned about this “How come you are helping me? Isn’t it embarrassing helping your sister get dressed?” “Well, yeah it’s embarrassing but, it’s not like you can do it by yourself can you?” he says getting ready to give me another bear hug. I poke him in the chest, and say “If you keep giving me your bear hugs I wont be able to get ready for my date.” “That was the plan!!! How did you figure it out!?!?!” he give me a shocked look. I laugh, and tell him to help me put the dress on. I know he is trying to be as delicate as he can but, my body aches from hitting the pavement so hard. I wince. He gives me a concerned look. I shoot him a reassuring look. He sigh’s. I laugh at the face the funny face he pulled when sighing. “Where are you going?” I asked scared. “I got something for you, and I have to give it to you before we put on you makeup.” he runs to his room. I sit there impatiently tapping my fingers on my night stand. I got that from him alright. He come in with a pair of crutches. I smile, and start crying. “This is why you didn’t put my make up on.” I said laughing letting my tears run down my cheeks. He gingerly wipes my tears away with his thumb. I give him a smile, and untie the ribbon on the crutches. I put them under my armpit. It’s cold. I wobble my way to him, and back to the bed. He smiles at me showing me his teeth. I give him my most cheeky smile. He laughs. “Don’t make me laugh or I will mess up on your make up! ” he says with the brush in his hand. He powders my face with, the peachy color he picked out. I was surprised at how good he is at outfits, and make up. I mean if you looked at him he dresses like a grub. The sound of the blush container clicking closed snaps my attention back to him. He smile as he pulls out a black tube of eye pencil. I close my eyes. You can feel the soft feeling of the brush around my eyes. “Okay slowly open your eyes or else you will smudge my master piece!” I do as told, and see him smiling widely at me. He is such a ham. He pulls out a red eye shadow. I smile. It was my favorite color so it matched my dress color. “Carefully close your eyes please.” he says acting like a gentleman for once. I can again feel his soft brush strokes. “Please open your eyes slowly.” he asks. “Make fishy lips!” he says laughing at my fishy lips. How dare he laugh at my awesome fish impression. I will get him for that later. He slowly pulls away the red tube of lipstick. “Squeeze your lips together please!” he say laughing. I do as told but, not with out slapping him first. He yelps which makes me laugh. He helps me up, and grabs me my crutches. The cold shock of the metal was back under my arm pits again. It sends shivers up my spine. “Wait here!” he says smiling. He runs like such an idot. I laugh when he falls right in front of me. He looks at me with his jade eyes that we both inherited from out mother. He laughs. He gets up puts a dragon fly clip in my hair. I look at him confused. “Well you have to look like a princess to be one!” he says. I smile as he pulls out his phone. He clicks as he takes a picture of me leaving a big lip print on his cheek. I laugh as I see him struggle to try, and smudge it off. Then he puts his cheek directly on the carpet, and rubs his face on the carpet. After five minutes of seeing him doing that he gets up, and then he looks in the mirror. “It’s gone but, now I have a hint of a rug burn on my face.” he says poking at it with his finger. I make my way into the living room, and see Zayn, Niall, and Liam all sitting on the floor watching the telly. They all look at me as soon as I come out. I blush. Stupid genetics. I laugh as I try to hide my face. I feel someone grab me by the waist. I look to see Louis head laying on my shoulder. He looks at me, them lets my waist go. He gets on one knee in front of me, and asks me to be his carrot princess for the rest of the evening. I laugh but, I accept. He smiles so big that I think it hurts. He helps me into the car, and runs across the hood. “Where to lovely?” he says smiling at me. I laugh again. “How about....” I pause. That was a good question. Where to? I smile as an Idea pops into my head. “Can we go to the secret park?” I ask fluttering my now even longer eye lashes. “Only if you tell me the directions.” he said giggling. He is a boy. Isn’t it weird for boys to giggle. Oh well this is Louis we are talking about here. He isn’t one bit normal. I mental laugh. “Take a right, and then a left, and then there should be a dead end!” I say looking at him the whole time I am telling him this. He looks over to me so I quickly shoot my gaze out the window. He laughs. “Don’t be shy Pumpkin!” he says  smiling. I loved his smile. I loved him. It was a blessing to be here with such a nice guy. I get out of the car. “Follow me!” I say. He grabs hold of my waist. I blush. He pushed the branches out of my way. What a gentle man. I laugh. I just noticed Louis is acting normal. He looks behind him, and looks at me. The branch he just let go of slapped him right in the face. “Ouch! Got rejected.” I say laughing my guts out. “Well as long as I get to keep seeing that beautiful smile of yours it was worth the rejection.” he says pointing at the branch that just it him in the face. He starts to fake cry. Oh no Louis cry face. He looks at the branch, and tells it off. I laugh at his funny conversation with his ex-tree. We get there, and he looks shocked. I look over to him. “My mom built this for me, and said that once I find that one person I love to bring him here so that when she is in heaven she can still see all the beauties that she made, and brought into this world. Harry doesn’t know bout this. I never got to show him.” I go over the the rock fountain, and sit beside it. I twirl a flower in between my fingers. I look up at the sky. “Mum said that when she left she wanted me to visit here every day. She said that as long as I come here, and see her, and all of her beauties that my life would always be long, and happily lived.” I try not to let any tears escape. But, I let a stray fall out. Louis walks over, and wipe it away with his thumb. I look up to see him smiling. He sits him self right next to me squishing the flower I was recently holding. I laugh. He looks at me. “You know...she never told me why she built it but she said that when she dies to look under the stone she painted an angle on, and I would find my answer. I still don’t know what she meant by that.” he smiles even bigger, and gets up. He walks over to the rock that had a picture of me on it, and under it was a scroll. I don’t know what it could say though. “How did you know where it was?!?!” I ask him in shock. He looks down at me. “Don’t you get it!? you are the angle. She was saying that you were her angle. I know that because well...your sort of...mine as well.” he gives me his famous smile that I loved so much. He hands me the scroll. I untie the ribbon. Then I slowly open it up. In her writing it said. “You were three years of age when I wrote this. It took you a long time tho find it didn’t it. I knew my riddle would fool you. Well I hope you are sitting with the one you love while reading this. It is not nice for and angle to keep secrets. I hope to see your smile in the garden more often, and later in life bring your children to see its wonders. But, enough about your future. Lets talk about us. I leave this garden In your hands now. You mustn't neglect you duties, and ruin the crest of this garden. You must keep this garden going through generations to come. I leave the garden in your hands, and bid you farewell. I will be awaiting you at the pearly gates of heaven. Don’t rush death. You must let it take its corse. I would hate to see you here just because you missed me. You have so much to live for. My last wish is to see you, and the one you love in this garden smiling, and having as much fun as I did in here. I give the boy you love my best regards, and I tell him to keep you safe. Remember that the crest of the garden is now in your hands. Have the boy you love find the second scroll. It is hidden in the line of life surrounded by living life its self. Love mom” I hand the scroll to Louis, and show him the second riddle. His face tells me he is thinking. He gets up, and picks up, another flat stone laying by the pond that had the fish in it. I smile. He is good at riddles. He hands me the second scroll, and smiles like he wanted a cookie. I go into my purse, and pull out an sandwich, and hand it to him. His face lights up. As he is shoving the sandwich down his throat I take off the wax stamp that was holding it together. I smile to see her hand writing again. I smile as I read it. It read. “I see you have solved another riddle. Good. Look at the sky, and now look at the ground bellow you. Scope it out. I am either in the sky or in the ground. Smile baby. Don’t cry. I know it is hard to deal with the loss of others. but I don’t like seeing sour faces. Like when you tried to eat that whole lemon. I sat with you, and helped you get that sour feeling out of you didn’t I? It took us all night. But, we did it, and thats all that matters right? I am going to miss looking into your jade eyes, and running my fingers through your soft curly hair. But, the one you love can full fill that hole for me can’t he? If you are nodding your head I am proud. I have always taught you to be brave didn’t I? Even when you fell you held back the tears even though it hurt didn’t you? I see it to that the boy you chose is the right one, and that you wont make any mistakes like I have done in the past. Oh I remember all of those mistakes! I regretted them my whole life. But, I felt that when I looked into your eyes all those problems washed away. But I still carry that regret with me even through the grave, and time its self. This is the last scroll but I wanted to tell you to guard this garden with all of your might, and share its beauty with everyone you love. I will go to sleep with only this song to sing.
Sing a song so bright, and warm, and let the bees buzz all around your head. Let the moon fade it’s had its days but, keep the sun still shining. Let your dream drift out your head. Lay your restless head in bed. I will be there to count sheep but, only when you go to sleep. Let the song sing loud, and bright, and pray you all sleep well tonight. I still sing this happy song I still sing it all night long. Nothing here is left to be said except for lay your sleepy head to bed. Love mom. P.S. I am waiting at the gates for you.” I cry, as I finish singing the song out loud. I let my tears fall int to the fountain. I watched as the ripples died down. The fish squirm away and the ripples I had made with my tears. “She said to let my tears only fall to fall in the fountain or on the shoulder of the one I love with all my heart.” all of my tears come pouring out. He grabs me, and holds me close. “You will always have my shoulder to cry on.” he says holding me tight. I smile. He is warm.

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