Isn't she pretty

Kassie was a normal 18year old. Until her mother died then he life was turned upside down.


6. later on.... -.-zzz

(Kassie’s point of view)

The clerk with frizzy hair gives us that nasty look that makes a mirror shatter. I look away before she gives me that look. The trip home was silent. Nothing but the sound of each other breathing. “Don’t plan on any special treatment for what happened because it was your own fault.” he says not even looking me in the eyes. We finally arrive home safe. I guess. Harry picks up the wheel chair, and lifts me in to the house. Everyone is there. Now I feel nervous. “Liam, Niall, Zayn you can go home now.” says Louis. “Harry why don’t you spend the night with Liam at Liam’s house again.” Harry nods. So now it is just me, and Louis for the rest of the night. I started to blush until he said something that I didn’t quite catch. “I’m sorry I dozed off. Can you say that again?” I ask in my most innocent voice ever. “I said what happened, and why are you in a wheel chair, and why are you, and Harry in a brawl?” “Well first of all I am paralyzed. Second of all he is mad at me for not telling him our mom died, and he is mad at me for not telling him that I might have the disease.” “Oh...I wanted t ask you something. Do you want to live with me, and Harry? We can make your room anyway you like?” he asks. I nod “Okay...” I said. He brings me down stairs, and shows me my room. “Wow! I love the space in here!” “Well lets drive to your old house, and get all of your stuff!” “Okay...” He takes a pair of keys off of the key hooks. I slowly get into his car. “What are you doing?” he asks. “I don’t want to scratch it up!” I say in a mocking voice. “Don’t worry about it plus it’s only a little scratch.” I laugh.

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