It's everything about you (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Hannah is a 17-year old girl from Seattle, who has to move to London, England. The only reson, why she said yes to to moving is, because she hopes to see the boys from One Direcction there, to be in the same country. Arriving at the new house, she suddenly bumps into a guy. That guy is Niall...


1. Wait...what?!

I looked out of the window, all I saw was snow. I knew that it would be cold in England, but I never thought it would be even colder than in Seattle. ''Come on, Hannah. Smile!'', my mom said with a smile on her face. ''Ugh.''

The car stopped and we were standing in front of our new house. Well, it was way bigger than our house in Seatlle, but I missed the woody, little house. I paused the song on my iPod. I was listening to Everything About you by One Direction, my favourite band. I took my bag and got out of the car, it was freezing. ''Hannah! Get your things into the house! Right now!''

I opened the door of my new room. Wow, that was big, extremly big. There were four windows. I looked out of one. I had a perfect view to the Big Ben. This was amazing. Crap, I forgot my iPod in the car. 

I ran downstairs and opened the door. I ran to the car and opened it. I grabbed my iPod and turned around. *OW!* I bumped into someone. ''What are you doing, man?! Are you com-...'' I looked up. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Blonde hair, blue eyes, braces. Niall. Niall James Horan was standing in front of me. ''You're okay, babe?'', he asked. ''I.. I... I'm alright. I gues...'', I blushed. ''Can I help you with something?'', Niall asked, he was so cute. ''Yeah...'' 

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