It's everything about you (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Hannah is a 17-year old girl from Seattle, who has to move to London, England. The only reson, why she said yes to to moving is, because she hopes to see the boys from One Direcction there, to be in the same country. Arriving at the new house, she suddenly bumps into a guy. That guy is Niall...


2. At Starbucks

We went into my new room. ''So...'', I started. ''What do you want to do now?'', Niall asked. ''I don't know, I'm pretty tired so maybe I'll go to sleep.'' He looked at me and he smiled. ''Wanna go for a coffe? Maybe you'll wake up a bit then'', he said. I couldn't belive what he was saying. I mean, it was Niall Horan from One Direction. And he wanted to go for a coffee with me. I blushed. ''Yeah.. yeah, that would be cool.'' He smiled again.

*click*, *click*, *click*. Damn, paparazzis. ''GO!'', he yelled. We started running like we were sickos. They began chasing us. ''Run faster.'' I ran even faster and I finally saw the starbucks sign...

We opened the door. Everyone was looking at us. ''OH MY GOD THATS NIALL HORAN!!!'', this one girl shouted. And boom. We were mobbed by like 40 fans. ''Niall, can I take a pic with you?'' ''Niall, who is this?'' Niall, Niall, Niall. He took my hand. ''Stay with me, okay?'' My heart was beating so loud, I was afraid he could hear it.

''Come with me, I'll take you to a safe place'', an employee said. We followed him and he brought us to a little room with a small desk and two chairs. ''Thanks'', Niall said. We sat down. ''What can I bring you?'', the guy from Starbucks asked. ''Nothing yet. We're still thinking.'' He left.

He smiled at me. ''Niall... why did you... why did you take my hand?'' I was shaking and he started to blush. ''I... I'm sorry. It's just,... you know I really like you.'' 


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