Londons Eye

18 year old London lost her eye when she was three years of age. All because her brother tried to put his chewing gum in her hair. She now has a glass eye, and meets the perfect guy. A new boy who happens to be her new room mate at there new flat. They also have all of their classes together. But, will he find out her secret.


1. The beggining

       My name is London. London Payne. But my friends call me London’s Eye. I will explain to you why they call me this. Well it started out when I was a tot. About three years of age. Me, and my brother were playing in the living room. “Stop Liam!” I scream. Liam kept on trying to put his chewing gum in my hair. “Come on I promise I wont put my chewing gum in your hair!” he yelps. “That is what you said last time!” I said. It seemed like every time my hair got long he always wanted to ruin that for me. He had succeeded this time. He got in right on the ends of my hair. I jump down from the table, and run after him. We ran back, and forth down the hallways in our house. “OW!” he screeches. “Are you okay?” I ask. He was laughing that's how I knew he was fooling me. I start to run but he grabs the end of my dress, and lets go. “OW!” I screeched on the top of my little lungs. “Stop fooling!” he laughs. “I am not fooling you. please get mom!” I yelp in pain. The story goes that I hit my left eye on the corner of the new door my father hadn’t put in yet. That is when my life changed. I had to get the left eye taken out nothing there but a glass ball in my socket. But, on the bright side when we were there they took the gum out of my hair. My friends that I have had forever have supported me through this. But, no one wants to date a girl with an eye patch. But, it isn’t like my glass eye isn’t beautiful. It looks like a crystal. I have to wear the eye patch in case my glass eye falls out. It was just a temporary eye until I got a new eye surgically put in by a doctor. Not my dads friend. I wanted it to be the same as the old one thought. To look the same, and try to feel the same. That would be tomorrow when I get my   new eye. I will have to miss school.

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