Londons Eye

18 year old London lost her eye when she was three years of age. All because her brother tried to put his chewing gum in her hair. She now has a glass eye, and meets the perfect guy. A new boy who happens to be her new room mate at there new flat. They also have all of their classes together. But, will he find out her secret.


3. That new smell... what was it?

 I arrive at the house. I hop out of the car. I grab my bags, and start to set them all on the porch. After all of my bags are on the porch of my new house I knock on the door. He answers. Louis answers the door. I blush. “Hi! Are you London Payne?” “Yes I-I am she.” I awkwardly smile. He laughs. “Well don’t be a stranger! Come on in!” he says with his eyes filled with excitement. “You look even more beautiful than when I saw you earlier!” I look myself over. I look the same as earlier. I feel the same as earlier. I am starting to get used to having to live with a boy. Even though it is my first five seconds here. I just feel that when I am here I don’t have to worry about him barging in on me, or bullying me. He doesn’t look capable of that stuff.  I gasp. “What?” he says a little too worried. “I forgot I have to take off my eye patch right now!” I start to laugh. “Could you help me?” I ask batting my eye lashes like my mother taught me. “Sure!” he says smiling. “Okay just undo the snaps in the back of my eye patch okay?” “Yes I understand.” He unsnaps the buckles. I pull off the patch then the gauze pads over my eye. He smiles. “Your eye...It looks so beautiful.” he says hugging me. I haven’t been hugged in a long time. It feels good to know I have some one who actually cares about me. I give into his hug. “COME ON!!! THAT WAS ONE WEAK HUG!!!” he laughs. I hug him as tight as I can until I hear him say he can’t breath. I let go of him. We both start laughing. He jumps up. But, this time he looks serious. He leans in close enough for me to hear his breathing. He swooped in for a kiss. I give in after about a minute. He suddenly pulls back in surprise. “Whats wrong?” I ask. “I am sorry I put you on the spot.” he says a little sad. “What do you mean?” I ask in confusion. “I know I probably put pressure on you for that kiss I should have stopped my self.” he said. “It’s okay!” I say trying to make him feel better.


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