Londons Eye

18 year old London lost her eye when she was three years of age. All because her brother tried to put his chewing gum in her hair. She now has a glass eye, and meets the perfect guy. A new boy who happens to be her new room mate at there new flat. They also have all of their classes together. But, will he find out her secret.


5. Sticky situation

He shows me to my room, and starts walking back to his room to get dressed. I walk in, and see that my bags are almost done being unpacked. “LOUIS!!!” I yell. “What? Are you okay!?” he screams darting into my room. “Yeah I just need to know where you put my makeup.” I say sweetly. “I put it in your closet but, you better not be wearing any when you get out there.” he says smiling sweetly. I smile back. “But...fine!” I say getting a little teary. He comes over, and wipes the tears off of my cheeks. “DON’T DO THAT! DON’T TOUCH ME!” I yell. “London I have never seen you this way, and why are you already wearing makeup?” he says a little worried. He wipe the rest of my makeup off. It he reveals my bruises, and cuts. He starts to cry. As do I. “What happened?” he asks. “Nothing it doesn’t matter.” i say pulling back. I run to my closet. I pull out my make up box. “How about we have the date here?” he says really worried. “Okay. But, I am not dressing up!” I say still crying, and digging through my closet. “Okay but, I am cooking dinner.” he says very protectively. “Okay but you need to go shopping for some more food.” I say in a mocking voice. “Whatever!” he says running to the kitchen.
           I go into my bag, and grab some fuzzy red pajama pants, and a black tank top. I walk out, and sit on the couch, and put my feet on the foot rest. “What do you want for dinner?” he asks smiling. “Is chinese food good?” I ask giving him my puppy eyed look. “Why not!” he says smiling. I loved this. I loved him

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