Londons Eye

18 year old London lost her eye when she was three years of age. All because her brother tried to put his chewing gum in her hair. She now has a glass eye, and meets the perfect guy. A new boy who happens to be her new room mate at there new flat. They also have all of their classes together. But, will he find out her secret.


2. Later at school

The new kids. All I heard when I get to school the next day was stuff about the new kids. The cutest, and nicest one in the group would probably be Louis. He was charming, and sweet. He had the face of an angle. I walk by pretending that I don’t see him. Then a jock from our school knocks my books out of my hands. “Oh look its patchy!” one yells. “Come on one eyed willy get up!” yells another one. I lay against the lockers where they had pushed me. A hand lays in front of my face. I take it. Look up to see him. The angle god had set me. “Are you okay?” he says in the most angelic voice ever. The women in my family have always been the queens of blushing. I  can’t help but blush. “You know I think girls who blush are to die for.” he says very sweet. Darn you genetics. He smiles sweetly. I blush even harder than the last time. He handed me my stuff. “Would you like to maybe hangout after school?” he asked. I look at him to see him blushing. He looks over at me. I jerk my head away from his direction. He smile. “It’s a date then?” “S-Sure?” I say gliding down the hall after he handed me his address. My face feels hot. My eye starts to throb. It makes me wince a bit. I still have to wear the eye patch until noon time. I look at the wall clock. Yes it is almost noon! I can’t wait until I sit with Grace, and Kaitlyn at lunch. DING! the lunch bell goes off. I see Grace running down the hallway hand in hand with one of the new kids. What is his name again? I think it was Harry. “London! London I want you to meet Harry!” Yes I got his name right! “I am going to hang out at his house later. Do you have plans?” she asks wide eyed. I look down at the piece of paper I crumpled up in my hand. “Y-Yes.” I say. “Oh! Well lets keep in touch tonight! We usually hang out on fridays at the cafe! Well you can meet me, and Harry there in the usual seat.” she says smiling bigger than usual. I think she found the right one for her. She found her other half. I smile back. I continue down the hallway. I smile at the piece of paper in my hand. I start to run to my bike. I take my bike off of the rack outside of the school. I look for any of the jocks Because fridays they usually egg me on my way home. I peddle fast down the road to Maddie’s bakery. I told mom I would pick up some fresh rolls for dinner tonight. I walk in, and am greeted with a friendly face. “Hi...London was it?” asks Harry. “Why yes. That be me. I came to pick up the rolls my mother orders.” He smiles, and hands me a basket filled with rolls. “Thank you!” I smile. He smiles back. I walk out back to my bike. I get on my way. The rest of the ride home was peaceful. I hummed a few songs, and sung a few out loud. I stop at the front of my house. I couldn’t wait until all of my stuff was packed. I got one bag left to pack, then I can move out. I walk in put the basket of rolls for dinner on the table. I run upstairs, and pack my last bag. “Bye mom! I am moving into my house tonight!” I yell. “Okay tell me if you want me to change dinner plans just so I don’t have to set out a fourth plate okay?” she yells across the house. “Will do! Well I am going to be hanging out at a friends house tonight so I wont be able to eat dinner at home tonight okay?” “Yes.” I head out of the door. Well at my new house I wont have to be alone. I have to share a house with someone else. I really hope it’s a girl.

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