Londons Eye

18 year old London lost her eye when she was three years of age. All because her brother tried to put his chewing gum in her hair. She now has a glass eye, and meets the perfect guy. A new boy who happens to be her new room mate at there new flat. They also have all of their classes together. But, will he find out her secret.


4. I am hungry

 I start to get hungry. I go to the kitchen, and open the fridge. Carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, pickled bell peppers, boiled eggs in a ziplock bag, and some cold grilled chicken. I guess I will make us some salads. I pull out a pan to heat the grilled chicken in. They clinck when they hit the pan. I grab two carrots, and start to slice, and dice them up. Next comes the tomatoes I do the same thing but I make them shaped like wedges. Next comes the lettuce. I scrub it under cold water. I get all of the dirt off, and start to break it up with my hands. I pull out five pickled bell peppers out of the jar. I dice them up because If you don’t you will get a mouth full of spice. I cut them up really small. Then I peel, and cut the cucumbers. All thats is the boiled eggs I dice those up as well. I drench mine in italian dressing. “What kind of dressing are you gonna want?” I ask smiling. God I have only been here for seven minutes, and I am already smiling like him. “Um...italian! I love italian dressing!” “Same here!” We both start laughing. “WOW!!! We have only known each other for about eight minutes, and we already have something in common!” he says joyfully.

            We both smile at each other. “Do you want to...never mind.” he says laughing. “Do I want to what?” I ask now curious. “Well I wanted to know if you wanted to go out tonight maybe?” he asks hiding his face, and all of a sudden not hungry. “Well sure but, do I need to wear anything specific?” I ask just to stall him. “Well a dress would do. I will wear a nice button up shirt, and some dress pants. Okay.” “Okay. I am going to borrow your shower okay.” “Sure go into my room, and go take a left in to the bathroom.” he smiles at me. I grab one of my towels. I go into his bathroom. I peel off my clothes, and jump into the shower. I sing the-zombie song-, and start to realize that I hear some one singing along. I get out of the shower. I put on my under clothes, and wrap myself in a towel, and peer out of the door. I see Louis sitting on the edge of his bed. He smiles. I smile back. But then I realize I only have my under clothes on. “Could you show me what room you put my bags in?” I ask sweetly. I get that from my mom. “Yeah I will show you.” “Okay but, don’t look back because I only have my under clothes.” “Okay!” I start blushing.

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